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G Reborn RODAN by KingShisa08 G Reborn RODAN by KingShisa08
Winged Samurai

Original (Before virus)
Height: 58 meters
Weight: 19,000 tons
Wingspan: 150 meters

(After Virus)
Height: 7'8
Weight: 10 lbs
Wingspan: 12 ft

Rodan Clone 1
Height: 65 meters
Weight: 15,000 tons
Wingspan: 120 meters

Rodan Clone 2
Height: 100 meters
Weight: 40,000 tons
Wingspan: 159 meters
Healing Facter: Moderit

Personality: Rodan is a solitary kaiju and usually keeps to himself but apparently being able to bond with Godzilla III He as well as Anguirus and Mothra had made a promises
To Godzilla II (After his Death) that they would take care of his son after he was gone
After the Virus He is now the Arial Expert of The GDF

Rodan Clone 1: Extremely Violent His one purposes to kill the Original Rodan

Rodan Clone 2: Very Loyal and will fight tooth and nail to defended the original Rodan

BIO: A pteranodon mutated due to the horrors of the atomic age, Rodan emerged from a coal mine, where it began to feed on prodigious arthropods called the Meganulons. Once the young reptile had fed, it soared into the sky. Slicing the air at supersonic speeds, the aerial monster annihilated a jet fighter and proceeded to soar across the globe, sparking unprecedented reports of UFOs across two continents. The beast eventually returned to Japan, where it gained an appetite and quickly feasts on a newly wed couple followed by a heard of cattle.
Meanwhile, another Rodan is discovered, while the Self Defense Force scrambles to meet the threat. Their first assault involves a squadron of F86F Saber jets that attack the airborne fiends in the sky, but fails to defeat either menace. One monster lands in an urban area, where the JSDF unleash its full arsenal of tanks and missile launchers, but to no avail. Suddenly, the second Rodan appears, and the two titans take their leave for their home in Mt. Aso. A desperate plan of action is soon concocted: controlled eruption! The JSDF deploy Honest John Missile Launchers which pound the volcanic mountain and cause an eruption. The molten rock sets one of the monsters ablaze, as its mate joins its fallen ally in its dying moments.
Eventually Rodan, possibly a child or one of the Rodans from 1956 that survived, emerges from the volcano some eight years later. The winged terror first battles Godzilla, who had recently awoken, across Japan in a series of stand still fights. While in the middle of a skirmish, the pair is interrupted by Mothra, who uses her webbing to halt the two from fighting temporarily. The three monsters initiate in a long discussion, as the small larva desperately tries to convince the two to focus on a much more dangerous foe: King Ghidorah. Mothra's plea falls on deaf ears, however, as both Rodan and Godzilla desire to continue their fight. Having failed her mission, the benevolent insect leaves the two monsters to do battle with the space demon alone. However, shortly after engaging with Ghidorah, both Rodan and Godzilla, having a change of heart, arrive on the scene to aid the small Larva. Together, the three combatants claim victory over the space monster, which is sent into a hasty retreat back to space.
Later, Rodan is summoned by the duplicitous Xilien race from the remote Planet X. Along with his now ally Godzilla, they engaged in heated combat with King Ghidorah on alien soil. The dynamic duo prevailed, and shortly thereafter, the Xiliens revealed their true intentions when they forced the monsters to attack Earth along with King Ghidorah, whom they controlled all along. When the control over these monsters was broken through the use of the A-Cycle Light Ray; Rodan once again joined his ally and repelled King Ghidorah, who returned into the cold void of space. Rodan is found peacefully living with his fellow Earth monsters on Monsterland. Eventually, another terrible alien race, calling themselves the Kilaakian, took control of the island and all of its inhabitants. Rodan was the first to attack under the control of his new masters, and renders Moscow a ruined city. Some time thereafter, Rodan joined forces with Godzilla, Manda, and Mothra in the annihilation of Tokyo... but luckily, humankind was becoming wise to the secrets of the Kilaakian. Using the Moonlight SY-3, the JSDF destroyed the transmitter on the moon and effectively severed the mind control. Humankind, now controlling the monsters, sent Rodan to fight against King Ghidorah, who is brutally murdered in the subsequent battle. Though it appeared as though the greatest foe was conquered, the Fire Dragon, a conflagrant UFO, arrived and engaged Rodan in battle. Though Rodan failed to repel the craft, the Moonlight SY-3 extinguished this final obstacle, and the monster was returned to his island home. On the relatively peaceful Adonoa Island in the Bering Sea, careless radioactive waste dumps took place. Nobody seemed to care as the island's vegetation and animal life slowly died out. However, two ominously large eggs began to absorb the radiation and grow abnormally. These eggs belonged to a small population of ancient reptiles. The first to hatch was a young Pterosaur. The little creature fed on what little food it could find on the barren island, constantly protecting its unhatched "brother." The Pterosaur grew larger and larger from the radioactivity, until finally it had become the enormous creature Rodan. As a first act, the mighty flying monster attacked a group of people who had come to investigate its home island. The humans had disturbed the other egg, and the unborn baby inside had called out to Rodan and, unknowingly, the only other member of its species. Rodan terrorized the camp, finally resting on a mountain to watch the humans flee. However, victory was not his. The cold waters of the Bering Sea flashed and boiled, and suddenly, a mighty beam of devastation struck Rodan's perch, nearly hitting the pterosaur himself. Rodan flew into the air as Godzilla rose from the sea. Rodan bombarded Godzilla with terrible winds, but the monster king strode ashore to claim the egg that had called out to him. Godzilla and Rodan battled horrendously while the humans loaded the egg into a Helicopter and began to escape. Rodan had tried his best, but Godzilla had proven too strong for the flying reptile. Rodan fell, near death, to the ground as Godzilla left, slowly following the promise of one of his own.
In Japan, samples of some plants found surrounding the surviving egg reveal a kind of psychic music. When played, the egg finally hatches, and instead of a baby pterosaur, it is revealed that Rodan's "brother" was, in reality, a Godzillasaur. After Godzilla battles with Mechagodzilla, this music is sung by a small group of psychic children from the ESP Research Institute at the UNGCC. Baby Godzilla is given a sudden power boost, and tries to break loose from his cage. However, he wasn't the only one to benefit from the plant's ancient music.
Meanwhile on Adonoa Island, amongst the fallen boulders and tattered remains of small mountains, a creature called out weakly. Rodan opened his eyes as he felt himself growing stronger. He took flight and cried out once more as he became Fire Rodan, ready to claim back what was his. Rodan was left incapacitated by Godzilla's heat ray on Adonoa Island. In its unconscious state, the distant sound of a familiar chorus beckoned. The children of the ESP Research Institute recited the song of the ancient plant that crept on the shell of Baby Godzilla's ancient egg, and Rodan's power suddenly increased. Rodan became Fire Rodan.

The newly charged pterosaur flew over the open sea, ever focusing on one goal: to reach its "brother" Baby Godzilla. Over the urban sprawls of Japan it soared, searching. Finally, it located Baby Godzilla, being transported via helicopter as bait for Godzilla. Rodan quickly annihilated the helicopter and caught the plummeting container, in which Baby Godzilla and his protector Azusa Gojo were being transported. Clumsily, Rodan pecked away at the container, attempting to reveal its contents. Mechagodzilla soon arrived, and the winged reptile turned its attention to this new foe. Rodan fired its uranium heat beam at its towering target. Mechagodzilla countered with a Mega Buster, but Garuda suddenly appeared. Rodan quickly sent the bulky jet crashing into a building, and its attention returned to Mechagodzilla. Its heat beam crashed into the mammoth mech, and Mechagodzilla countered with its plasma grenade and mega buster. Rodan rose from the attack and began to peck at Mechagodzilla's right eye, but the poor creature was soon repelled by the powerful plasma grenade. It appeared as though Fire Rodan was down for the count.

Soon after, Mechagodzilla found itself gripped in battle with Godzilla. Mechagodzilla had gained the upper hand when it ruptured Godzilla's secondary brain, and Baby Godzilla quickly became distraught. It called out, and Rodan listened. It regained consciousness and began to flap and gain altitude. It didn't travel very far when it was shot down by Mechagodzilla's mega buster. In a last ditch effort to save Baby Godzilla, Rodan decided to assist its arch rival Godzilla. It landed on the paralyzed reptile and gave up its life energy to revive and enhance Godzilla's state. Rodan had show a remarkable display of courage and selflessness. His' "brother" would be saved at any cost. And Godzilla in turn was very grateful. Yet another pawn in the Xiliens' plans, Rodan was unleashed during the aliens' primary global assault. New York City was the terrible pterosaur's destination, and the flying horror easily annihilated everything in its path with its destructive sonic booms. The Earth Defense Force was quick to respond to the threat, as they soon released their aerial war-machine, The Rumbling, to fend off the invader. The battle was fierce, but Rodan dodged every category of ammunition that the advanced aircraft could muster. When the war-machine was about to meet a calamitous end at the hand of this beast, Rodan was summoned back to the Xiliens, for they wanted the Earth to believe that they had saved the world from this flying menace.
The Xiliens were deceitful, however, and it turned out that they were in truth seeking to dominate the planet. When this plan was uncovered, Rodan was set loose yet again on New York City. The Rumbling returned for a rematch, but this round saw the quick and merciless destruction of the craft. With no opposition left, the crimson creature continued its awful assault.
When Godzilla was released from his Antarctic tomb, Rodan, Anguirus, and King Caesar were summoned to attack the monster at Mt. Fuji. Godzilla slammed his tail into Anguirus, sending the spiked reptile soaring into the sky. Anguirus collided with Rodan, and the latter quickly fell to the Earth below. Rodan was knocked unconscious on impact. Its allies, Anguirus and King Caesar, also felt the full force of Godzilla’s onslaught, as both were rendered unconscious. Godzilla let out a roar proclaiming his success, as he continued his long voyage toward Tokyo. Years went by. When Bagan had awoken Rodan along with Godzilla and several other Kaiju had gone to Fight with him. After the fight The GDF Take the Monsters back to their Base for them to recuperate after the fight. He was shocked to discover that he along with his friends were now no bigger than the humans that tried to kill them for so many years. After all that has happened Godzilla was made the new head of the GDF! With Rodan as the Chief of the GDF Air force

Rodan Clone 1: Dr. Uzuma A scientist in Genetic Cloning heard about the news but wants to control his own Monsters so he decided he was going to steal DNA from Godzilla and his monster Collages so he can clone them. He sends out his Warrior Droids to do the Job. The droids come back with vast amounts of Godzilla DNA with interest, Now Dr. Uzuma with his Partners Mandark, Vexsus, and Katz He began to Clone his own monster army. However there was a catch when the clones hatched they were only 4 to 5 feet but were extremely aggressive its one purpose is to kill the original Anguirus, and in order for them to grow they would have to they would have to feed! There were reports of dead cattle, humans, and animals all over. That is until Rodan himself meet his now gigantic clone! The Clones relentlessly gave chase to their predecessors; until Godzilla and his allies tricked there clones into thinking they were dead. This gave them the opportunity to think of a plan on how to destroy them. But unknown to everyone the Clones were only prototypes and they were going to die in three days! But that was only the good news the bad news is that before they die were going to reproduce first so that the offspring would finish the job. Godzilla and the others planed on taking Each Clones Orb shaped Egg, BIG MISTAKE! The Clones gave chase after the predecessors with vengeance and to make matters worse a giant Serpent Named Mozudon rises from the sea and tries to eat the Eggs. The dying clones try to fight him off but to little avail Mozudon kills The Clones and then retreats back into the sea. The eggs are still in one piece. In his dying act Clone Rodan pushes his egg toward the Original Rodan wanting him to take care of his young for him.

Rodan Clone 2: After the death of the First clones Goji and the rest of the kaiju take the eggs back to G Force HQ. The Egg had hatched but thanks to Mothra’s Shobijin singing to them they were able to calm them down. Surprisingly the newly hatched kaiju had imprinted on their predecessors. However Thanks to the Stupidity of Megalon and Otto for leaving the cells full of Soma (from Kong’s Garden) and the cases of Professor Utonium’s Chemical X the Clones Devouring the vast amounts of X and Soma which not only gave them new abilities but Also caused them to grow much larger. If things were not bad enough Mozudon reappears and Attacks Tokyo! The Clones Engage the Serpent like Kaiju and successfully kill him. Later on He and the other kaiju would meet up with The Mega Dinosaurs. One in particular Named Terxa who was a Female feathered Reptile who would fall in Love with Rodan even get two children of their own one named Rokan whom of which looks like his father and Rani Who resembles there mother.

-Flight at mach 1.5
-hurricane winds from wings
-spikes on chest
-can breath a concentrated blast of wind
-able to fire a Uranium Heat Beam from its mouth
-leaves sonic booms in wake of flight

(Clone 1):
-being a Prototype he was only able to breathe radiation-charged fire
-has a one track mind

(Clone 2):
- Flight at mach 4
- Hurricane winds from wings
- Spikes on chest
- can breath a concentrated blast of wind and Uranium Heat Beam from its mouth
- Small but razor sharp blades on his Wings which can cut through rocks
- If angered or under stress Rodan will grow twice his size and become Ex Rodan
-can make a sonic wave by clapping his wings together
-Able to move underwater and on land as well as he can move in the sky

Weakness: the sonic wave can be used against him

NEXT UP: The Appearance of Sky Demon VARAN
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JarrodOsbornethe2nd Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016
Say KingShisa08 which Rodan design do you think is the closest in appearance to the fire-breathing yokai the Itsumade (Go to this link and check out the pictures of the Itsumade:…), if you don't know what an Itsumade is let me explain it to you it's a flaming bird-like creature with a human-like face, a pointed beak with hacksaw-like teeth, a snake-like body with wings, and razor-sharp talons like swords.

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HeiseiRado (


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NestieBot Featured By Owner May 29, 2015
Theriscythe Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
Who doesn't love Rodan?
supergoji18 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
pretty good, although there are a few problems:

1. the japanese name (according to an online translator) is wrong. Rodan in Japanese is ロダン

2. You accidentally put the resurrection of Fire Rodan twice.

3. I'm a tad bit confused on which rodan is which. Is the showa rodan the same rodan as millenium and the Heisei Rodan is just another rodan that only just hatched? or are all of them completely different? or are they all the same rodan?
KingShisa08 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
1.I actually got his name right Rodan's name is just an americanized pronounciation for RADON (Ra-Do-N) as in Pter-RA-no-DON

2. Good lookin out I'll fix that

3.They are all the same Rodan.
supergoji18 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
1. even so you picked the name rodan, not radon. if it were radon it would be right, but you put rodan, so it's ロダン

3. then how is he born twice in one lifetime? and then how does he come back after dying? (that's what confused me about who was who)
KingShisa08 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
1. The name stays

3. Thats Toho for ya
supergoji18 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
1. :iconfrustrationplz:

3. Damn right!
RobotNinjaHero Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2011
Great work. Rodan is one of my fav monsters.
Sinncrow Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Its really good
Sinncrow Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Needs more to the beak, color the head spikes, and more oomph to it
KingShisa08 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
gonna try and make rodan buffer and more masculant compared to his mate Teryx
Sinncrow Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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The Wings of DOOM!
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