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September 23, 2009
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G Reborn MANDA by KingShisa08 G Reborn MANDA by KingShisa08
Water Dragon

(Original) Before Virus
Length: 150 meters
Weight: 9,000 tons

After Virus
Length: 9 ft
Weight: 520 lbs

Manda Clone 1
Length: 140 meters
Weight: 8,000 tons

Manda Clone 2
Length: 210 meters
Weight: 20,000 tons
Healing Facter: Moderit

Personality: Manda (original): Manda is very calm when being on the water for itís his element. But like the ocean itself he can become very furious and dangerous on a moments notice. He is very protective of the ocean and whoever or whatever threatens to damaged can expect no sympathy form him When Godzilla became head of the GDF Manda was now one off the Aquatic Experts of the GDF.

Manda Clone 1: Extremely Violent His one purposes to kill the Original Manda

Manda Clone 2: the same as the Original Manda

BIO (Past): A Spawn of Orochi, The Sea God Manda ruled the ocean. He had gone into combat against his brother the thunder beast Shiigan. The coils of the serpentine monster were an obviously easy target for the blades of his sibling, but Shiigan's lightening power was both compounded and complicated by the waters of Manda's environment The power of Manda's water manipulation eventually overpowered even Shiigan's nasty disposition, who was forced to give up his power of the Thunder Spark. The nation of Mu, refused to send its armies to fight, for fear that he was indeed the Dragon God incarnate, and the people had done some evil to anger him. A pearl was offered the pearl to Manda and her rage was calm, and became the guardian of Mu.

(Currnet): A revered God of the undersea kingdom of Mu, Manda has proven himself to be a fighter. Combined with the hate, cruelty, and malice of a warlord, Manda attacked the submarine Gotengo without hesitation. Relentless and filled with animal lust, he coiled his scaly mass around the reinforced hull. Constricting like some demonic python, he tried to seal the humans' fates. However, the Gotengo was not defenseless and charged the hull with an electrical charge. The god was struck with pain, and retreated to the depths, where it was followed and frozen by the Gotengo's Freeze Cannon.
After the conflict, the animal was dragged to Monster Island, where it proceeded to live the rest of its life in peace, until the Island was controlled by the Kilaks near the dawn of the century. Manda was first sent to destroy London. Afterwards it proceeded to Tokyo, where it, along with Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan, leveled the city. It was not long before the human race was able to overthrow the Kilaak's power over the monsters, and, after a climactic battle with the space demon King Ghidorah, Manda was returned back to his Monster Island where the monster lives out on his rocky cliff side home. Off the coast of England, the serenity was completely shattered by the sudden appearance of a massive, malevolent sea serpent. Japan dispatched its aerial war vessel, the Gotengo, to assist Britain in the destruction of this mysterious monster. The amphibious craft plunged deep into the North Sea and located the disturbance: Manda, but the squirming dragon wrapped around the Gotengo and attempted to squeeze the life out of its enemy! The large vessel approached an underwater volcano, and when it was close enough, the submarine fired its missiles at the submerged mountain, creating an immense hole in the Earth's crust. Both Manda and its victim were in dire straits, but the insidious reptile relented to the unbearable conditions first. It lightened its grip and finally released the ship from its constricting muscles. Glowing brightly from its encounter with the volcano, Manda approached the submersible from behind as the vessel searched for its cunning quarry. Gotengo spun to meet its opponent, and fired its zero cannon directly into the immense dragon. After Operation: Final War Manda was taken back to Monster Island to live the rest of his days in peace. But peace would be the last thing on Mandaís list as the Evil Dragon Named Bagan had risen from the Himalayas to Destroy the Earth Godzilla and the other monsters Would have none of it! There Battle had waged on for hours and Bagan proved to be more than a match for The King himself However Godzilla let loose his Spiral ray down Bagan's Mouth with that Bagan run off with his Tail between his legs, sadly Godzilla Had just Collapsed after the Fight. Warn out from the fight but not Dead Godzilla laded unconscious, Monster Island was greatly devastated From Baganís assault All of the Monsters, On lookers from all over were shocked to see this! The GDF Take Godzilla and the Other Monster Back to their Base for them to recuperate after the fight. The Next day the most shocking thing had just happened Godzilla, Rodan and all of the other Monsters had Shrank down to human size! Each kaiju now had the ability to speak in human tongue though still having their old powers in the process. After all that has happened Godzilla was made the new head of the GDF! Manda was now one off the Aquatic Experts of the GDF.

(Manda Clone 1): Dr. Uzuma A scientist in Genetic Cloning heard about the news but wants to control his own Monsters so he decided he was going to steal DNA from Godzilla and his monster Collages so he can clone them. He sends out his Warrior Droids to do the Job. The droids come back with vast amounts of Godzilla DNA with interest, Now Dr. Uzuma with his young apprentice Mandark He began to Clone his own monster army. However there was a catch when the clones hatched they were only 4 to 5 feet but were extremely aggressive its one purpose is to kill the original Maguma, and in order for them to grow they would have to they would have to feed! There were reports of dead cattle, humans, and animals all over. That is until Godzilla himself meet his now 49 meter clone! The Clones relentlessly gave chase to their predecessors; until Godzilla and his allies tricked there clones into thinking they were dead. This gave them the opportunity to think of a plan on how to destroy them. But unknown to everyone the Clones were only prototypes and they were going to die in three days! But that was only the good news the bad news is that before they die were going to reproduce first so that the offspring would finish the job. Godzilla and the others planed on taking Each Clones Orb shaped Egg, BIG MISTAKE! The Clones gave chase after the predecessors with vengeance and to make matters worse a giant Serpent Named Mozudon rises from the sea and tries to eat the Eggs. The dying clones try to fight him off but to little avail Mozudon kills The Clones and then retreats back into the sea. The eggs are still in one piece. In his dying act Clone Manda pushes his egg toward the Original Manda wanting him to take care of his young for him.

(Manda Clone 2): After the death of the First clones Goji and the rest of the kaiju take the eggs back to G Force HQ. The Egg had hatched but thanks to Mothraís Shobijin singing to them they were able to calm them down. Surprisingly the newly hatched kaiju had imprinted on their predecessors. However Thanks to the Stupidity of Megalon and Otto for leaving the cells full of Soma (from Kongís Garden) and the cases of Professor Utoniumís Chemical X the Clones Devouring the vast amounts of X and Soma which not only gave them new abilities but Also caused them to grow much larger. If things were not bad enough Mozudon reappears and Attacks Tokyo! The Clones Engage the Serpent like Kaiju and successfully kill him. Manda would then live on New Monster Island with all his brothers and eventually meet up with The Mega Dinosaurs. One in particular Named Nyessa a Giant Elasmosaur whom he would fall in love with and have offspring of his own.

- Constricting body
- adept swimmer
- can walk on land

(clone 1)
- being a Prototype he was only able to breathe radiation-charged fire
- has a one track mind

(Clone 2)
- Constricting body
- adept swimmer
- Can walk or run on land
- Electric bite
- Can fire Electric Bolts from his mouth
- Can swim 40 knots
- can Gouge enemies with horns on his head
-If angered or under stress Manda will grow twice his size and become Ex Manda

Weakness: Though he can control Electric attacks (Not as well as his brother Shiigan)
It can back fire against him

Next: The Appearance of Three Headed Dragon KING GHIDORAH
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Theriscythe Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
Badass. Can he charge himself with lava like in FW?
KingShisa08 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no his element is manly water
supergoji18 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I think you should add the long whiskers on him. I would look cool.
KingShisa08 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok what about the bio and powers
supergoji18 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
the bio is great. the powers are great too, but i don't understand why his electric attacks are weaker if he absorbed all of Shiigan's electric powers. shouldn't they be just as good?
KingShisa08 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Shiigan will be seperate entity in G Reborn and this is the Clone Manda's weakness not the original's weakness
supergoji18 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
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Its good
Sinncrow Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Needs more back spikes or something, and her extra set of legs. This Manda just looks really skinny
KingShisa08 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what ya think?
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