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G Reborn ELEKING by KingShisa08
Discharge Dragon

Height: 105 meters
Weight: 30,000 tons

Personality: is quiet foul tempered

BIO: Eleking was a monster born and raised by two twin sisters, who let him loose on the earth after stealing Dan's Ultra Eye, which prevented him from assuming his Ultraseven form. With Ultraseven nowhere in sight, Eleking was free to wreak havoc. Luckily, Dan released Mikulas, one of his "capsule monsters," to fight, and hopefully, distract Eleking while he chased after the sisters to retrieve his Ultra Eye. The two monsters battled fiercely in the lake, and soon brought the battle to land. Mikulas, however, was eventually defeated by Eleking's long, whip tail, as well as his electric shock powers. After Mikulas failed to defeat Eleking, all seemed lost, until Dan finally managed to retrieve the Eye by chasing the sisters to their hideout; a large spaceship, from which they controlled Eleking. Dan quickly transformed into Ultraseven, and attacked Eleking. Eleking tried to fight off Ultraseven by shocking him, but the Ultra hero was able to break loose of his tail grip, and he then proceeded to destroy Eleking's two horns with his Emelium Ray before slicing him to pieces with his Eye Slugger. Eleking's body burst into flames shortly after. Though this was not the last time Eleking appeared One day near a lake, the monster Kelbeam engaged the monster Earthtron in battle. Earthtron attacked Kelbeam, and seemed to have the upper hand, until Kelbeam launched a couple of fire balls. Earthtron was not moving, but just as Kelbeam was roaring in victory, Earthtron got back up and tore off Kelbeam's "ears." With his enemy screaming in pain, Earthtron finished off Kelbeam with his magma beam, destroying him completely. Earthtron did not have enough time to celebrate, though, for Eleking's tail came out of the lake and dragged him in. With Eleking's maneuverability and strength underwater, Earthtron could barely keep pace and was soon shocked to death by Eleking's electricity. Eleking had help, however, from special stones scattered across the lakebed, which amplified his electric powers Gomora appeared to challenge him but Eleking eventually dragged it into the lake after realizing he could win on land. Eleking easily beat Gomora, and was about to shock him to death however Gomora fired his ray at the giant eel monster and had manage to bet him. he was victorious. However, instead of killing Eleking Gomora convinced him to fight alongside him. Now, this powerful enemy became a powerful ally! Alongside Gomora and Litra, Eleking fought and defeated many monsters, including Zoa Muruchi, his first foe. Sadly when he fought against Tyrant he was savagely kill by the mutant Chimera. He was later forced to fight in Belial’s monster army but lost. Eleking would later resurface and fight Godzilla only because he was still disoriented from Belial’s mind control but after seeing his old friends Gomora and Litra he would be much more calmed and would eventually adopt a son named Rimu he now lives on New Monster Island for the rest of his days.

-Eleking can fire blue waves of electric energy from his mouth. These waves can cause explosions and large fires.
-Eleking’s tail is very long and flexible, capable of wrapping around opponents and whips them. His tail can also deliver paralyzing shocks of electricity.
-Eleking's continual spinning antennae can jam communication devices. It is also the only way he can see anything much like sharks and normal eels he is shown to be able to detect magnetic fields with his rotating antenna
- is like a giant battery
- can change into EX Eleking

Weakness: If his rotating antennas are cut off he will not be able to see.

NEXT: The Appearance of Hallucination Alien METRON SEIJIN
Primal Emperor Series OODAKO by KingShisa08
Primal Emperor Series OODAKO

Height: 18.5 meters
Length: 50 meters
Weight: 2,000 tons

Powers and Abilities:
-powerful tentacles
-poisonous bite capable of rendering most paralyzed
-skilled problem solving
-capable of camouflaging body with ease (only useful underwater)
-able to live on land for short periods of time

BIO: Aside from Ebirah the Red Bamboo have control over a speices of octopus known as Oodako. these beast could tangle and devour such prey like whales, dolphins and sharks. It can take down many fishing boats in the seas. while they are not as hevaly armored as Ebirah they are just as deadly though the likes of Ebirah and Mosa see them as a potential snack rather than a threat.

Next: General Ryuui
Godzilla And Celestia Vs  Queen Chrysalis Re-Post by KingShisa08
Godzilla And Celestia Vs Queen Chrysalis Re-Post
This is a re-post  of a commission done for me by the very talented  :iconkaijukid:

The reason this is a Re-Post well let me tell you a little story.

I had this posted  for a long while now I am someone who loves crossover battles and apparently I am not the only one who thinks so a lot of you  seemed to enjoy this pic and wish that IDW would do something like this given the fact that they have the rights to  both Godzilla and MLP respectively.

but given the fact that Toho has such a bug up there ass about copyright we can only dream.

and were there are plenty of folks who enjoy it there is always one Jerk-ass (or in this case well over 10 of them) who will have a problem with stuff like this.

over time there was 2 little pains in the ass HunterGiantesses and NorthWolf1488 who basically cuss me as well as the artist who did this for me and wanted to go on a Tirade at me because a Character that they like is put in a bad light. So those 2 assholes are blocked and thats the end of it all right?

11 herbs and spices of wrong I've had actually had gotten several Death threats over the pic from 10 other Deviants and not only that the original pic was taken down because it was deemed "Offensive"


I'm pretty sure Celestia is justified in getting some payback. Also why is it offensive? because someone who doesn't exists in real life is being attacked? well tough shit! I'm am not going back down and be intimidated by some collective of whinny little jackasses who think that they know everything better than everyone else. If you have a problem with this pic there are plenty of other pic of Chrysalis that you can look and gock at!!

but if you want to stand by and rant at me about how I'm wrong for having this up then take your ass some where else!

Now I am not saying that  you are not allowed to express your opinion or Criticism thats perfectly fine I welcome it with open arms. But if your going to try and threaten me cuss me out or insult me over something trivial like this then to borrow a quote from Youtuber HailZeon then you can Get Fucked!

As for everyone else :depressed: I'm sorry That you have to see me get this angry it just really pisses me off so much that people are willing to attack or threaten others just because a character that they like (Villain or other wise) is draw in a bad light, and then want to say that "hey its my opinion" or "calm down I was just kidding" even though you were the one that threatened me. for those who wish to enjoy the artwork on DA enjoy.
Ultraman Twilight handshake by KingShisa08
Ultraman Twilight handshake
This is a request for :icondevon13168:

He wanted a pic of Ultraman and Twilight Sparkle shaking hands in the middle of a city

I know this city is not that good looking Cityscapes and backgrounds are not my best work sorry if it looks the way it does


KingShisa08's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: California
Favourite style of art: Vareus
Shell of choice: Gamera or Kamoebas
Skin of choice: Godzilla or Gomora
Favourite cartoon character: Zilla jr from GTS
Personal Quote: Gojira will Protect us all !
In response to the Godzilla Tag here's a tag on everybody's favorite Primate

1. How old were you when you saw King Kong for the first time?
4 1/2 years old

2. Which Kong design in which order is your favorite?
5. 05' Kong
4. 62' Kong
3. 67' Kong
2. 33' Kong
1. 76' Kong

3. How would redesign the 8th wonder?
The shape around the eye sockets, and the "ski jump" sloping forehead would be from Kong '33. Nose and upright walk will be Kong '76, though on occasion he will walk on all fours like the Peter Jackson version. He will have dark brown fur with light brown/sand color skin. And he will have some scarification to him.

4. Have you seen the new King Kong cartoon? Kong King of the Apes? and what did you think of it?
Yes I have I thought it was ok a lot more better than Kong: The Animated Series…

5. What are your hopes for Godzilla vs. Kong in 2020?
Don't do it like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

6. What do you want to happen in Kong: Skull Island 2017?
Not to suck

7. Kong vs Indominus Rex who do you think would win?
Kong all the way!

8. Aside from "THE MUTHAFUCKIN T REX!!!" What 20 prehistoric creatures would you like to see Kong fight?

1. Spinosaurus
2. Giganotasaurus
3. Dilophosaurus
4. Smilodon
5. Stegosaurus
6. Hyaenodon
7. Dire Wolves
8. Thylacoleo
9. Pachycephalosaurus
10. Utah Raptor(s)
11. Allosaurus (more than 1)
12. Baryonyx (more than 1)
13. Elasmosaurus
14. Megalodon
15. Sarcosuchus
16. Pulmonoscorpius
17. Dunkleosteus
18. Titanoboa
19. Megalania
20. Triceratops

I Tag
:iconkaijukid: :iconfredthedinosaurman: :iconalmightyrayzilla: :iconspider-jameson: :icondaizua123: :iconpyrus-leonidas: :iconsci-fiman2xxx: :iconmonsterkingofkarmen: :iconsideswipe217: :iconkaijualpha1point0: :iconkahnac:

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