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Copy from :iconspider-jameson:

If you are okay with bullying, go ahead and ignore this. But if you have a heart, repost this.

Do you know...

 Bullet; Blue ...that kid you shoved down the stairs? He's abused enough at home.

 Bullet; Blue ...that girl you called fat? She's starving herself.

 Bullet; Blue ...that bald woman? She's dying of cancer.

 Bullet; Blue ...that kid you laughed at for crying? He's crying because his best friend was killed.

 Bullet; Blue ...that "emo" kid you made fun of? He's going through much more than you.

 Bullet; Blue ...that kid you terrorize and beat up everyday? He wants to kill himself. 

 Bullet; Blue ...that man you made fun of for some ugly scars? He fought for your freedom.

 Repost if you're against bullying. 

 Ignore if you are with bullying.
G Reborn GODZILLA by KingShisa08
King Of The Monsters

Godzilla 1(1954)
height: 68 meters
weight: 30,000 tons

Godzilla 2(1955-1995)
height: 85 meters
weight: 45,000 tons

Godzilla 3(1999-currnet) before virus
height: 80 meters
weight: 40,000 tons

(after Virus)
Height: 7'9
weight: 6 tons

Godzilla Clone 1
Height: 69 meters
weight: 25,000 tons

Godzilla Clone 2(offspring of the first)
Height: 108 meters
weight: 50,000 tons
Healing Facter: High

Godzilla 1: Hates all Humans and kaiju alike just for existing

Godzilla 2: Manly likes to be left alone but at times will team up with humans or other monsters to fight against more powerful kaiju

Godzilla 3: Good natured but can be aggressive. During the time when he as the other Kaiju shrank down to human size after Defeating Bagan he gain a Human intellect even the ability to speak in human tongue. He is now the head leader of the new GDF.

Godzilla Clone 1: Extremely Violent His one purposes to kill the Original Godzilla

Godzilla Clone 2: Highly Intelligent and will fight tooth and claw to defend the Original Godzilla


Godzilla 1: In the middle of the 1950's, a series of ship wrecks began to plague Japan. The authorities were stumped as the only survivors died from fear and strange burns, but an investigation team sent to Odo Island, an island near the accidents, learned of the legend that is Godzilla. The ancient aberration from the dawn of time, Godzilla was believed to be a God walking the Earth.

In the coming of a hurricane, Godzilla rose from the depths and attacked the island, but the strong storm and fierce rain forced nearly every story to be dismissed as simple judgment errors, but a new team, headed by famous paleontologist Dr. Yamane, headed toward the island. The island's village was house to a large footprint, showing that the monster was real, and not a false illusion. As the investigation continued, the warning bell was sounded, and the massive behemoth waded onto shore. The world got its first look at the ancient dinosaur when it looked over the hill and at the village before returning to the sea.

Now knowing what was causing the disasters at sea, the Japanese began to depth bomb the ocean, but the massive celebration of the monster's death was short lived when the creature showed itself to have taken a new home in the waters around Tokyo.

A strict defense line was assembled, and Godzilla waded into Tokyo Harbor. The monster moved through the docks, crushing entire trains beneath its clawed feet. The monster's tail demolished entire complexes in one swipe, but the creature soon returned to the water that spawned it.

A new defense line was placed around the heart of Tokyo, and massive electrical towers were erected to protect the city. The time came once again, and Godzilla headed for the city again. On touching the towers, Godzilla was greeted with thousands of volts of electricity. The people thought they were safe, but Godzilla's maw opened up and delivered a stream of nuclear energy on the structures, melting them on contact.

The monster entered the city streets, crushing hundreds under its mighty feet. Buildings collapsed and streets gave way as the creature vented its rage on mankind. The military units deployed against it were devastated by a stream of pure radiation, and the city was set afire. Not a building was spared from the hellish inferno caused by Godzilla's atomic rays, and as mysteriously as it came, Godzilla returned to the sea.

It was now common knowledge that nothing on this planet would be strong enough to defeat the ancient monster, nothing publicly known. Ogata and Emiko, young lovers whom witnessed Godzilla's rampage first hand, confronted Dr. Serizawa about using his deadly device, the Oxygen Destroyer. At first the young scientist refused, knowing full well he'd have to take his own life to prevent it falling into the wrong hands, but upon hearing a prayer for hope, he decided to use the weapon.

As Godzilla slept at the bottom of the sea, Ogata and Serizawa descended from the ships on the surface. When in place, Ogata returned to the surface, but Dr. Serizawa didn't. The scientist would assure to himself and the world that the device would never be used again, and stayed in the water when the Oxygen Destroyer activated. Bubbles engulfed the water, and Godzilla's flesh was ripped from his bones. The monster made it to the surface just once to roar in pain, but quickly fell to the bottom once more, his flesh vanishing, and bones disintegrating. The menace known as Godzilla was gone, and so was a brilliant mind, but the legacy of Godzilla would continue in just one short year.

Godzilla 2:
With the destruction of the menace Godzilla, Japan, if not the world, breathed a sigh of relief. Rebuilding the mangled remains of what was left in the leviathan's wake was soon set in motion. Businesses thrived once more, and life returned to normal. Thats is until a pilot embarked on a rescue mission to locate a missing pilot near a remote island. Upon discovering the stranded pilot, the Earth shook with a thundering roar. Looking back behind them, the pilots witnessed a spiny shelled, quadruped reptile in mortal combat with another demon, a creature that closely resembled the horrific devil that struck Japan like a typhoon just a year before: Godzilla. Another of the loathed species had survived its ancient sleep, and was now poised to threaten humankind once more. The men watched in terror as the titanic battle cast the duo into the sea. They could still see the war rage beneath the waves. Days passed before the two titans reached the mainland and resumed their battle. Osaka was transformed into a war zone, but in the end the mighty Godzilla prevailed. Tearing Anguirus' throat and bathing the carcass in a torrent of flames, the dorsal finned fiend returned to the sea. Reports were received that the new Godzilla had taken resort on a floating glacier. Taking advantage of the beast's location, the military shelled the icy walls with bombs and rockets, thereby causing an avalanche, burying the creature.
A few years passed before Japan would see the beast again. The hunk of ice which held the monster prisoner broke off and floated away from the Arctic Ocean. Drifting into the warmer waters near Japan, the tomb became weak and brittle. In such a weakened state, the glacier did not hold when the monster finally awoke. Breaking through the ice, the behemoth swam to Japan, destroying a military base on its way. Meanwhile, a pharmaceutical company had come across the legendary giant King Kong. With the creature drugged, the firm decided to transport the animal to Japan, but the act was met with disaster as the ape god was released. Traveling to Japan, it was fate that brought the two titans -King Kong and Godzilla- together. On the first bout, Godzilla had surprised Kong with his atomic ray, and sent the ape in retreat to contemplate a plan of action. Round two was fought and, with the help of a lightning storm, the ape was able to stand against Godzilla. However, a victor of the battle was not decided before the two fell off a cliff. Sinking beneath the waves, of the two Kong was the only one to surface.
After the colossal battle, a typhoon struck Japan, submerging parts of the land in ocean. Seeking to reclaim their property from the waves, pumps and water jets were put in place to expel the water back into the ocean. However, the waves brought something else ashore. Rising from the silty sediment, Godzilla showed his godly form again. Walking away from the once submerged earth, the nuclear giant instinctively made his way to the heart of the city. Factories, towers, buildings--nothing stood long before his wrath. The public cried out for heroes, and the military tried to fill the void. Several different tactical assaults were thrown against the behemoth, but none succeeded. As the military sacrificed needless lives to the god's power, a group of reporters headed to Infant Island, to beg for Mothra's help. Their pleas were almost passed up, but the benevolent insect agreed, despite the fact that the battle would be more than enough to kill her. Soaring to Japan, she met the monster Godzilla, and battled to her death. Though she could not overpower the creature, Mothra, in her dying act, flew to her egg -which had washed upon the Japanese mainland- and collapsed on top of it in a last attempt to protect her unborn offspring. With Mothra's defeat, Godzilla pressed on, leaving behind the giant egg as the military established further blockades for the nuclear menace. Meanwhile, with their god gone, the Infant Islanders joined in prayer as the mammoth egg split, birthing not one, but two Mothra Larvae. The babies then instinctively headed to battle Godzilla. Finding the destroyer on a remote island, the twins cocooned the monster in a web sack. Onlookers cried in joy as they gazed upon Godzilla when he fell from the cliff and into the ocean below.
Fighting from his binds, Godzilla soon returned to Japan. Rising from the waves, he obliterated an ocean liner, and soon made his presence felt again. Yet it was not just Godzilla that Japan was fearful of. Rising from the ashes of his confines, Rodan soared the blue skies again. Fate approached, as the winged samurai of the winds and the wading disaster of the ages met. Several short-but-fierce battles ensued between the creatures, with no decisive winner arising from the confrontations. Meanwhile, as the two battled, an asteroid that had crashed on Earth hatched to unleash King Ghidorah. The celestial space dragon took to the air, showering humanity in dazzling ribbons of golden lightning. An emergency meeting was called in the parliament to meet with the threats against their lands. Once again, the plan was to ask for Mothra's aid. Begging the twin fairies who were visiting Japan, the people asked for the moth monster to defeat King Ghidorah. Knowing full and well that after Japan, Infant Island would be next, the Shobijin priestesses called for their god. The voices were heard over the crashing ocean, and Mothra ventured to Japan. Arriving on the land, she set out to convince Godzilla and Rodan to stop their fighting and help her defeat the murderous King Ghidorah. Her pleas were ignored, and the gentle caterpillar was forced to face the demon alone. Seeing Mothra's courage, Godzilla and Rodan put aside their difference and helped against the war with King Ghidorah. The three kaiju headed into battle, and, in the end, overcame the creature's power, sending the space monster back from whence it came.
After the monumental battle, strange radio waves were heard from outer space. A space shuttle called the P1 was sent out with two astronauts, Glen and Fuji, to find out the source of the disturbance. In their search they stumble upon the mysterious world dubbed Planet X. The ship landed on the rocky sphere, but the astronauts were soon abducted and taken beneath the planet's surface. There, they encountered a race of machine-like beings, calling themselves the Xilien, asking for their help. Since King Ghidorah had been vanquished from Earth, the monster descended on Planet X. The alien race pleaded for humanity to give them Godzilla and Rodan to once again meet the demon's threat. Glen and Fuji were hesitant to grant such a request, but the Xilien made a tempting deal. In exchange for the creatures, the aliens would give the earthlings a new miracle drug, one that would cure all disease. The trade was made post-haste, and together Godzilla and Rodan eliminated the threat of King Ghidorah from the planet. Fulfilling their end of the bargain, the Xilien gave the astronauts a tape which gave instructions on how to produce the "miracle drug." However, upon arriving back on Earth, they discovered that the tape was nothing more than a series of demands to surrender. The tape told the Earth to lay down its defenses, or the monsters Godzilla, Rodan, and King Ghidorah would be unleashed against them, now under the complete thrall of the Xilien invaders. Never backing down, humanity fought back and managed to sever the Xilien's control of the monsters. Free from the alien race's control, the beasts waged their ongoing war. The three monsters, all grappling, fell into the gaping sea below. King Ghidorah, defeated, rose from the waves and escaped into space.
Time passed before the famous irradiated reptilian beast was seen again. After crash landing on remote Letchi island, a group of survivors discovered Godzilla, dormant in a cave. Somehow, after the great Xilien war, the leviathan had swum to this remote area and now lay hibernating inside a vast cavern. The sailors, though, were not afraid of the sleeping giant, but rather were more concerned about the Red Bamboo army that had set up residency on the island. The army possessed mutations that guarded the island - the Giant Condor and Ebirah - that made escape from the place impossible. Seeing their only chance for survival, they awoke Godzilla using a metal lightning rod. Several bolts struck the still, sleeping mass, until finally he awoke. Godzilla burst from the mountain's side and waded out to sea as Ebirah emerged to meet the titan's challenge. Showering the crimson red lobster with his atomic ray, Godzilla dispatched the animal back into the depths. Roaring victoriously, Godzilla returned to the land and dealt with the Giant Condor along with most of the Red Bamboo's arsenal. Unfortunately, during his rampage, the saurian set off a self-destruction button located in the base. Time ticked down as Godzilla re-engaged his war with the mutant Ebirah. Fate, however, was on Godzilla's side as he was able to defeat the horror of the undersea world, and escape from the island unharmed.
Swimming from the destroyed Letchi Island, the fanged monster answered a calling, a wailing cry that was being echoed from hundreds of miles away. On another island, where a research team was experimenting with a new weather control system, the beckoning call resounded. After a failed test, the island was hit with a radioactive storm. The burning rains and hot blowing winds transformed a group of mantises into giants. Cowering in their nearly destroyed base, the men watched in stunned disbelief as the herd of Kamacuras' tore away at a huge mound of dirt. What was soon discovered to be inside was a gigantic egg. The Kamacuras attacked the newly unearthed object, and a baby Godzilla was hatched. The insects prepared themselves to gorge on the small creature, until Godzilla arrived on the scene, killing two of the ravenous insects. The third took flight and left the father-and-son monsters to themselves. However, their time of peace spent on the island was not long as a mammoth spider, Kumonga, awoke. Webbing up and nearly killing Godzilla's son, Minilla, the spider almost won, until Godzilla again entered the fray, and together, with his son, destroyed the menace. In 1999, Godzilla, and a host of Earth's monsters, found themselves confined to a remote island in the Ogasawara chain dubbed Monsterland. The remote location acted as a research station studying the habits of the beasts, while simultaneously keeping them confined for the sake of humanity’s safety. The sanctity of the island was breached, though, as an alien race calling themselves the Kilaakians quickly descended, utilizing mind control devices on the island's personnel and kaiju. With the monsters under their control, the race quickly dispatched them across the globe in an attempt to beat humanity into submission. However, the strike was unsuccessful as the mind control devices were discovered, both on the Earth and in an underground lair on the moon, and humanity was able to bend the will of the monsters themselves after studying the advanced technology. Unfazed, the Kilaakians sent out their final monster, King Ghidorah, in a final attempt to conquer Earth; however, the space monster was horribly overmatched, and was killed as the remnants of the alien race were sent into permanent hibernation. With the Kilaaks vanquished, Godzilla and the rest of Earth's monsters were returned to their home on MonsterIsland.

After hearing of the fantastic tales from the scientists' recounts, Godzilla was no longer looked upon as a threat to some. A hero was what the children of Japan dreamt of, some even making their own dreams of Monster Island. Humanity's new view of the monster was deserved, as the creature would come to the country's aid on numerous occasions to save them from a variety of
threats such as Hedorah and the combined might of Gigan and King Ghidorah in 1972, and then Megalon and Gigan the following year. Although Godzilla's job was far from over. In 1974 and 1975, Godzilla was called forth to thwart the Aliens from the Black Hole and their flag ship war machine: Mechagodzilla. Defeating his mechanical clone with the help of the deity King Caesar, the two titans were to clash once more as when the robot was remade. Godzilla fought against his improved double, Mechagodzilla II, who was joined this time by the aquatic dinosaur Titanosaurus. With the help of humanity, though, Godzilla prevailed once more. It was forty years since Godzilla attacked in 1954, and all seemed quiet, until a ship was found at sea; all but one man was dead. The cause of the destruction was determined to be Godzilla, and the mutation continued on an advent away from Japan, destroying a Soviet Union submarine. Godzilla turned directions, and once again headed for Japan, but not Tokyo as usual, but a nuclear power plant. Godzilla stomped his way through the complex of buildings before reaching the reactor, and absorbing all the radiation for himself, only to be drawn away by the squawks of seagulls.

Days later, the monster headed toward Tokyo once again. It was met by a combination of air strikes and artillery, but the saurian would not be denied the destruction it craved. A single blast of nuclear energy cleared the way for his arrival, and Godzilla began to vent his rage on mankind once more.

As Godzilla continued marching into the city, the Super X was ordered to take off and attack the mutation. The Super X managed to knock Godzilla out with cadmium, but during the battle, a Soviet launched nuclear missile was detonated over the skies of Japan thanks to a counter strike by the Americans. The resulting nuclear storm awoke the monster king who quickly destroyed the Super X via pushing a large skyscraper on it.

After the destruction of the Super X, Godzilla was lured away from the city by super sonic sounds, not unlike those of the seagulls that made Godzilla leave the nuclear power plant. The monster was drawn to Mt. Mihara, where charges were placed at the mouth of the volcano. When the monster king drew near, the explosives were detonated, and the tyrant of all monsters fell into the boiling lava.

Four years later, a terrorist organization known as Bio Major released Godzilla from his volcanic tomb in response of being denied the Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria. Godzilla was being called to Japan by Biollante, a massive plant and Godzilla hybrid created by Dr. Shiragami. Just hours after his release, Godzilla was confronted by a massive naval force, but their mere rockets and shells did little to slow the creature down, and all were blown into oblivion by the monster, and the Super X2 was forced to retreat when its fire mirror began to melt.

When Godzilla finally reached land, he headed to Lake Ashino where he faced Biollante for the first time. The mutation's atomic ray had adverse affects on Biollante's cells, and the creature was quickly dealt with when its body burst into flames. Godzilla left the lake the victor of the battle, and headed toward Osaka.

The monster destroyed every building in his way, and a small plan was devised to inject the monster with Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria. In the plan, the Super X2 was ultimately destroyed when Godzilla fired into the damaged fire mirror, but a window was open, and Godzilla was injected with the bacteria. The saurian finished venting its rage once more, and began to wander the Japan country side, the bacteria not doing a single thing to it thus far.

It was determined Godzilla's temperature was to low for the bacteria to take affect, and by using artillery and helicopters, drew the monster into an artificial thunder field. The monster stepped on several of the mine like objects, but the massive amount of energy injected into his body still wasn't enough. As everything the humans had failed to stop the monster, glowing spores began to rain down on the area.

Biollante burst from the ground, her body heavily changed from that of a rose to a massive behemoth spouting dozens of jaw tipped tentacles. Godzilla and Biollante drew battle once more, this time Godzilla's beam no longer harming his sister as much as it originally did. While Godzilla waded through her tentacles, Biollante's radioactive acidic sap was enough to raise the monster's temperature and the bacteria began to take total affect.

Godzilla retreated into the ocean where he slowly began to grow immune to the bacteria. When a group of Futurians tried to erase Godzilla from history, they actually succeeded in making the monster bigger, meaner, and stronger.
After retreating from the massive man-made mutation known as Biollante, Godzilla retreated back into the sea and slowly began to develop an immunity to the Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria that coursed through its body. A group of future people arrived in Japan, warning the world that Godzilla will soon make a return, and his attacks would result in the total destruction of Japan. A plan was made to travel back to the 1940's and teleport the creature to the Bearing Sea, far away from the nuclear bomb that created it.

The plan, at first worked and the Futurians began their real plan to destroy Japan themselves with their golden hydra, King Ghidorah. One thing the world and the future people had forgotten was the nuclear waste and missing nuclear sub that had sunk in the area, and Godzilla was reborn once more, and to make matters worse, the submarine, armed with nuclear warheads to remake Godzilla, came across the lumbering giant and fell victim to its terrible wrath. Godzilla absorbed the heavy amounts of radiation, and his body morphed and changed, transforming it into the new, towering Godzilla.

The creature was reborn, and the world would feel his wrath. Godzilla vented his rage on all comers as he waded and destroyed King Ghidorah, and soon Mecha-King Ghidorah. Mothra and Battra were powerless to kill him, but managed to drop the monster at sea once more. The Earth fought back and designed the robotic clone of Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, but even mankind's genius in robotics and weapons were not enough to stop Godzilla's fury.

The monster and his newly adopted son made a new home on Birth Island, and after vanquishing SpaceGodzilla, the creature returned to his island home, but deposits of uranium under the island, mixed with a volcanic eruption, destroyed the entire island. Godzilla was further mutated into a new Burning Godzilla that threatened to destroy the entire planet in the event of his death. After his battle against SpaceGodzilla, Godzilla returned to his home on Birth Island to be with his son, hopefully to live the rest of his life in peace, but fate had another idea. A volcanic eruption beneath the island opened deposits of uranium and the monster absorbed every bit of the radiation, mutating him even further.

Godzilla, leaving his burning home, entered the seas where it emerged at Hong Kong, ready to vent his rage on mankind once more. Explosions that rivaled his own series raised into the sky as buildings crumbled in the holocaust, and after his assault, the now Burning Godzilla returned to the sea where Japan began to track it and investigate the causes in Godzilla's drastic change. It was determined the monster was in his death bed, and at any time, could explode from the massive amounts of energy, and the resulting explosion would wipe out everything on the planet.

While being tracked, Godzilla emerged from the water near one of Japan's nuclear power plants. The saurian needed extra amounts of radiation and saw the plant as a perfect source of that energy. The Super X3 was sent in, and with a fury of freezer beams and cadmium missiles, froze Godzilla. The frozen Godzilla sunk to the bottom of the sea, his flesh frozen. Hours passed before Godzilla began to move once more, and his temperature began to rise.

A new death was imminent, this time a meltdown from the energies. It was feared the energies would break down the creature's body, resulting in the meltdown that would also destroy the planet. All seemed grim as the world was powerless, one strike against the creature could result in the meltdown, but a new answer was given when Destoroyah was discovered, and Godzilla Junior, the creature Godzilla was chasing, was used as bait.

Unfortunately for the world, Godzilla Junior vanquished the monster, and Godzilla rose from the depths and stepped ashore. The reunion between father and son was interrupted however, and Destoroyah, in its massive final form, emerged from the flaming rubble. The creature took to the air, and after a stream of Micro-Oxygen, gripped junior in its clawed hand. The mutation threw Godzilla Junior down from several hundred meters, and moments later, the young monster died. The enraged Godzilla attacked the red demon, but Destoroyah's toughness remained, and it waded through Godzilla's attacks.

Destoroyah's strength matched that of Godzilla's, and the creature dominated Godzilla with its Micro-Oxygen and laser horn. The monster's energy draining tail wrecked havoc on the creature, but alas, when Godzilla rose from the waters once more, the monster was enraged even more so. Burning Godzilla's fists and spiral beam tore into Destoroyah's flesh, sprays of green liquid erupting from its maw.

As Godzilla's body temperature rose, Destoroyah split apart into several Aggregates and began to swarm the monster king. The saurian stumbled as the Micro-Oxygen took affect, starting to drain the leviathan's energy. When Godzilla finally fell, nearly every Aggregate was crushed under his immense bulk, and Godzilla was finally given time to attempt to revive his son.

Minutes went by, but Destoroyah was far from dead and the creature reformed. Godzilla's temperature was drawing closer to 1200 degrees, and the creature became even stronger as its spines began to melt. Destoroyah made a foolish attempt to attack the angered Godzilla, and the monster king's spiral beam turned the entire area into balls of flames. Pieces of Destoroyah's flesh fell from its body as the red, super beam of nuclear energies struck it. Fearing its own death, Destoroyah took to the air in an attempt to retreat, but the freezer units that awaited to fire upon Godzilla shot at Destoroyah, the freezing temperature quickly killing the microscopic creatures that composed it. The powerful Destoroyah fell to the ground, and explosion of energy rising into the air indicating its own demise.

With Destoroyah finished, Godzilla reached 1200 degrees, steam rising from its body. The freezer tanks and Super X3 open fired on the monster king as its body broke down, chunks of flesh falling to the ground. The skin around Godzilla's face began to fall to the ground, and the beast's heart exploded, showering the area with burning blood. Godzilla roared his last as his body melted down, the self defense force preventing the planets destruction with the freezer weapons. Even with Godzilla dead, the radioactive energies inside it were released, and the energies entered the dead Godzilla Junior, reviving it and mutating it into its adulthood.

G3: For decades, the monster known as Godzilla terrorized the world, especially Japan. On the dawn of the new millennium, the creature rose from the depths and began to rampage through Tokyo. The monster king moved through the country side, and eventually destroyed the country side's power plant, and then retreated back into the deep blue sea.

Days later, after an alien space craft covered in rocks was discovered at sea, Godzilla rose from the water once more. Tracking allowed the self defense forces to put together a defense line, but the monster king moved through the constant barrage of weapons, and continued onward.

As the monster moved, the sun shined on the alien space craft, and it rose up, following the sun's movement. The vehicle took off into the air, and headed for the giant dinosaur. The two met, and the space craft fired its cannon, blowing Godzilla back into a complex of buildings. Godzilla stood up and began to charge his own beam, managing to strike the ship as it also fired its own blast of energy. The rocks the front part of the haul was blown off, and Godzilla vanished into the water once more.

Later on, when day break came, the ship once again took to the air, and began to absorb information from the Tokyo computers. Godzilla, wanting to extract revenge, once again made landfall. The saurian moved through the city as if a hurricane and was quick to fire at the alien ship. Buildings fell as the monster vented its rage on the weapon, but the ship wasn't without defense.

After using several tentacles and blowing the monster down, the ship made a large skyscraper fall on the beast. The ship then began to absorb Godzilla's own regenerative powers, but after the alien formed and fell to the ground, Godzilla burst from the rubble and made quick work of the alien ship, blowing it to two pieces.

As Godzilla roared in victory, the massive alien once again returned, now in the form of Orga. The alien challenged the reptile, but Godzilla's beam annihilated Orga's flesh, but the alien had the same regenerative properties as Godzilla, and fought back with his own beam. As the battle raged, the alien space craft returned, allowing the space monster to gain a few shots against the creature, but Godzilla once again dispatched the ship, and unleashed his beam of energy upon the alien.

Orga's body burst into flames, but the alien walked out of the hellish inferno, his body healing. The alien's maw opened up, and once again tried to absorb Godzilla. The monster king charged forward, lowering his body into Orga's mouth. As Orga's body began to change to mimic Godzilla's, Godzilla's body began to glow orange, and a surge of energy destroyed Orga's body, blowing its build to pieces, the remaining parts reducing to dust. The saurian bellowed in victory and then set fire to the city, ending the relentless war between the aliens and the monster king. Years went by until Godzilla's threat began to grow again. A new plan to remove Godzilla from this world was put into place again, and the Dimension Tide began to be developed. After the first test, an ancient race of insect was brought into our age, and one of the insects enraged Godzilla at sea, and also alerted the G-Graspers as to where the monster was.

They managed to put a tracking device on it, and tracked it heading toward an uninhabited island. The Dimension Tide targeted the island from space and waited for the monster's arrival. Once the creature stepped on the island, the plan took a dive downhill when a complete horde of Meganula began to attack Godzilla, thinking it to be a great source of energy.

The insects swarmed, stabbing their dagger like tails into Godzilla and draining much of its energy. The saurian fought back, unleashing a stream of energy into the swarm, killing thousands in just one blast. Enough of the insects were killed, and the Dimension Tide once again had a clear shot. The miniature black hole zoomed down to Earth, but despite destroying several hundred meters of the Earth, Godzilla remained alive and emerged from a pile of rocks, and it took to the sea, following the Meganula swarm.

After Megaguirus emerged from the water, Godzilla made landfall in Japan once more. The massive insect was quick to strike the monster, but despite several sneak attacks and rams, Godzilla remained strong. The monster king managed to use his razor like spikes to remove one of Megaguirus' claws, but the battle continued on. The bug impaled Godzilla's gut with her stinger and began to absorb his energy, and then fired it back out in the form of the energy orb. When the creature went in for a second sting, Godzilla caught the needle like stinger in his maw, and then proceeded to crush it. As Megaguirus flew back, screaming in pain, Godzilla blasted the insect with his atomic ray, making the burning body of Megaguirus to crash into the ground.

The saurian though, was not finished. The monster moved into the city once more, drawn by the green energy, a modified form of nuclear energy. When the monster finally reached the building, the falling Dimension Tide fired once more, this time targeting the Griffin that was flying directly above the monster. The black hole hit its target, destroying most of the city, reducing it to a crater. The monster however, wasn't dead, despite what countless reports said. Days, maybe weeks later, the monster king emerged from the ground, challenging the planet once again. Six years later, Japan began an anti Godzilla program and used the bones of the original Godzilla to create Kiryu, a mechanical version of the mutation. As the weapon was being showcased to the public, Godzilla was spotted heading in Japan's direction once again. The monster rose up again, smashing its way through the defenses that dared oppose it. Godzilla waded into the city and Kiryu was quickly launched to oppose it.

Godzilla stood tall as the robot fired rounds of its missiles, but nothing even so much generated a grunt from the creature. After utilizing the maser, Godzilla finally roared at the machine. As Godzilla fell back into the water, its own roar caused some sort of bizarre affect on Kiryu, and the robot entered a berserk rage. After its energy was drained, Kiryu was repaired, but Godzilla wasn't about to give up his attacks yet.

The monster rose from the sea once again, and once again, the weapons that dared to attack it met the ultimate consequence. Fighter jets were blown from the sky and tanks reduced to scrap as Godzilla waded into the city. Nothing could save the city now, and Kiryu was sent into action again. The robotic Godzilla rammed the saurian, distracting its attention from fleeing people and allowing them to escape. Once again, Kiryu unleashed volleys of missiles on Godzilla's hide, but those weapons once again proved useless against the monster king.

Kiryu ditched its back and wrist units and the brawl went physical. The two were evenly matched, but when Kiryu finally had Godzilla down and prepared to fire the absolute zero cannon, Godzilla looked up and fired his atomic ray. Kiryu was launched through the air, the freezing beam striking, freezing, and shattering several buildings before the robot came to a crashing stop.

As an effort to get Akane inside Kiryu to control manually, and give the robot more energy, Godzilla was once again pitted against the military of Japan. After several minutes of battling tanks and masers, Kiryu rose up. Godzilla prepared another atomic ray for the robot, but one of the Shirasagis flew in, striking the monster with rounds of its gun. Godzilla blasted the plane from the sky and caught the descending weapon in his jaws, forcing its heat ray to be blocked. Kiryu began to charge the absolute zero cannon once again and flew forward, yanking the plane from the monster's maws, but holding them shut with its hand. Kiryu and Godzilla flew over, and eventually crashed into the ocean, the ice quickly exploding into an ice fortress from the freezing temperatures. The ice shattered and Godzilla rose up, his body bruised and injured, the nuclear saurian waded off into the ocean with a fresh scar on his chest, and leaving a damaged Kiryu behind.

A year after the wounds given to it by Kiryu, Godzilla once again went on a course strait for Japan. The reptile attacked and destroyed a submarine before confronting and demolishing the Japanese navy. Godzilla came to shore, his massive feet crushing everything and anything beneath them once again, but as Godzilla waded into the city, the guardian of Infant Island had kept its promise and attacked Godzilla.

The winged goddess used her hurricane like winds to keep the monster subdued, but when Godzilla's atomic ray came into play, the creature's futile attempts became apparent that they wouldn't work. Mothra used her scales on the monster king, but the resulting explosion caused when Godzilla fired into them still wasn't enough to keep the monster down, and Mothra was blasted aside, but Kiryu had returned, upgraded and enhanced.

Kiryu and Godzilla once again drew battle, and once again, simple masers and rockets doing little but enrage the monster king. Godzilla fought back, using his atomic ray and extensive melee skills to match everything his robotic clone threw at him. In the midst of the fight, Mothra sacrificed her own body to protect the mech, and she was blown from the sky by Godzilla's powerful atomic ray. Even when the two Mothra Larvae entered the fray from an island off the coast of Japan, their strength couldn't hold off Godzilla's. The larvae watched on as Godzilla killed their own mother with its atomic ray, and then damaged Kiryu's circuits with the same ray.

Yoshito Chujo, one of Kiryu's mechanics left to fix up the robot as Godzilla was busy fighting the larvae Mothra. Once Kiryu was operational once more, Godzilla's atomic ray hit the hatch that allowed young Chujo inside, trapping the mechanic inside for the duration of the battle. Kiryu and Godzilla fell into the Diet Building, crushing it completely. Both fighters got up, and Kiryu plunged its hand drill deep into Godzilla's stomach, injuring the monster before it began to fire the Hyper Maser on the mutation. As the Mothra Larvae began to cocoon him alive, Godzilla fell to his side, unconscious. The order was given to Kiryu to finish off the monster king, but the Godzilla side of Kiryu once again took over. The red tear line returned and the machine picked up Godzilla, tying it around himself with its long cables. The cyborg's jets kicked on and carried both itself and Godzilla out to sea, while Chujo was rescued from danger thanks to a Shirasagis gun, the two Godzillas plunged into the sea, and both thought to be dead. Godzilla fought the first Gotengo war machine in Antarctica and was trapped in the ice for decades. When the Xilians attacked the Earth is 2004, Godzilla was released by Gotengo and lured to the attacking monsters. As soon as he was awake, he was confronted by Gigan. Gigan tried to ensnare the monster king, but found his own head blown off.

Godzilla then followed Gotengo to Sydney where he eradicated Zilla and then was lead to Kumonga, where he quickly defeated the spider in New Guinea. Next he was lead to Kamacuras, where he impaled the mantis on an electrical tower. He then advanced in land to Mt. Fuji, where he faced and defeated Anguirus, Rodan, and King Caesar. He returned back to the sea afterward and defeated Ebirah and Hedorah in Tokyo Bay before heading for Tokyo.

Once in Tokyo, he fired his atomic ray at the incoming Gorath meteor. The meteor exploded above Earth and Monster X landed down. Both Godzilla and Monster X were evenly matched until Mothra entered the fray, but the Xilian leader sent down a new and repaired Gigan. After taking care of Mothra, Gigan and Monster X teamed up on Godzilla until Mothra again attacked Gigan. Godzilla and Monster X were again alone after Mothra and Gigan were destroyed, and both collided their beams together where a huge explosion weakened both fighters. At the same time, the Xilians were destroyed, the leader made Monster X transform into Kaiser Ghidorah.

Godzilla was no match for Kaiser Ghidorah at first. He was quickly tossed around like a doll by Kaiser Ghidorah's gravity beams. When Godzilla was down, Kaiser Ghidorah bit down on Godzilla and began to drain his energy. As all seemed lost for the kaiju king, Gotengo fired a beam into Godzilla's back, reinstalling energy into the behemoth. With a powerful nuclear pulse, Godzilla dropped to the ground where he blasted off Ghidorah's middle head and then caused Kaiser to blow off his own left head. With one head left, Godzilla began to toss the hydra around like a doll, and soon through him into the air and fired the spiral beam. Kaiser Ghidorah was forced into the atmosphere and soon exploded.

After the fight, he approached the Gotengo where Minilla and his human friends raised their arms, telling him not to destroy them. Godzilla turned around with Minilla following, and returned to the sea. Shortlly after Operation Final War
A Evil Dragon Named Bagan had risen from the Himalayas to Destroy the Earth Godzilla and the other monsters Would have none of it! There Battle had waged on for hours and Bagan proved to be more than a match for The King himself However Godzilla let loose his Spiral ray down Bagan's Mouth with that Bagan run off with his Tail between his legs, sadly Godzilla Had just Collapsed after the Fight. Warn out from the fight but not Dead Godzilla laded unconscious, Monster Island was greatly devastated From Bagan’s assault All of the Monsters, On lookers from all over were shocked to see this! The GDF Take Godzilla and the Other Monster Back to their Base for them to recuperate after the fight. The Next day the most shocking thing had just happened Godzilla, Rodan and all of the other Monsters had Shrank down to human size! Each kaiju now had the ability to speak in human tongue though still having their old powers in the process.
At this time Godzilla was now the new head of the GDF!

Godzilla Clone 1: Dr. Uzuma A scientist in Genetic Cloning heard about the news but wants to control his own Monsters so he decided he was going to steal DNA from Godzilla and his monster Collages so he can clone them. He sends out his Warrior Droids to do the Job. The droids come back with vast amounts of Godzilla DNA with interest, Now Dr. Uzuma with his young apprentice Mandark He began to Clone his own monster army. However there was a catch when the clones hatched they were only 4 to 5 feet but were extremely aggressive Its one purpose is to kill the original Godzilla, and in order for them to grow they would have to feed! There were reports of dead cattle, humans, and animals all over.That is until Godzilla himself meet his now 49 meter clone. The Clones relentlessly gave chase to their predecessors; until Godzilla and his allies tricked there clones into thinking they were dead. This gave them the opportunity to think of a plan on how to destroy them. But unknown to everyone the Clones were only prototypes and they were going to die in three days! But that was only the good news the bad news is that before they die were going to reproduce first so that the offspring would finish the job. Godzilla and the others planed on taking Each Clones Orb shaped Egg, BIG MISTAKE! The Clones gave chase after the predecessors with vengeance and to make matters worse a giant Serpent Named Mozudon rises from the sea and tries to eat the Eggs. The dying clones try to fight him off but to little avail Mozudon kills them with his venom spikes and then returns to the sea. However the eggs are still in one piece. In his dying act Clone Godzilla pushes his egg toward the Original Godzilla wanting him to take care of his young for him.

Godzilla Clone 2: After the death of the First Godzilla clone and the other clones Goji and the rest of the kaiju take the eggs back to G Force HQ. The Egg had hatched but thanks to Mothra’s Shobijin singing to them they were able to calm them down. Surprisingly the newly hatched kaiju had imprinted on their predecessors. However Thanks to the Stupidity of Megalon and Otto for leaving the cells full of Soma (from Kong’s Garden) and the cases of Professor Utonium’s Chemical X the Clones Devouring the vast amounts of X and Soma which not only gave them new abilities but Also caused them to grow much larger. If things were not bad enough Mozudon reappears and Attacks Tokyo! The Clones Engage the Serpent like Kaiju and successfully kill him. The Day was saved, but more mutations had yet to rise from the darkness! A force to be reckoned with, it now seemed every low life of mankind and evil being would now target him. This new Godzilla would go through the lines of opponents with his Own allies and even gains a son of his own whom of which was born from his own DNA and with the GDF At his side all willing to prove that Godzilla original and clone alike are, and forever will be, the KING OF ALL MONSTERS!

-Superheated atomic breath capable of devastating whole city blocks
-Remarkably fast regenerative healing factor due to once-dormant "Organizer G1" within cells
-Able to control/manipulate radioactive energies in body, creating new and deadly attacks
-Incredibly strong, even for his size
-Able to swim at 40 knots
-Extreme aggression; when attacked, advances rather than retreats

(Clone 1)
-being a Prototype he was only able to breathe radiation-charged fire
-has a one track mind

(Clone 2)
- Superheated atomic breath
- Remarkably fast regenerative healing factor
-Can Spit Atomic Fire balls
- Incredibly strong
- Able to swim at 40 knots
- When attacked, advances rather than retreats
-Very Intelligent
-Can slightly extend his claws
-Not a stranger to close combat
-Godzilla can fire a red energy beam from both eyes
-Tail Can strike with pile driver force
-If angered or under stress Godzilla will grow twice his size and become Ex Godzilla

Weakness: massive amounts of cadmium can slow him down

Next: The Appearance of Armored Dinosaur ANGUIRUS
G Reborn TALON by KingShisa08
G Reborn TALON
God of Survival

Height: 50 meters
Weight: 19,000 tons

Personality: Talon is small but he is not to be taken likely he can be very aggressive and hot headed at times

BIO: Talon, great and powerful, Raptor chief, but also caring and concerned father who entered the primal rage war after the Cataclysm took his island home and merged it with the mainland. In the past Humans were used as cattle and hunted for sport but due to Armadon's intervention the practice has been reduced to an annual ceremony in which the humans fight for the chance to be the one to pit themselves against one of talon's sons. Talon looks up to Blizzard and Armadon to a certain degree and has aligned himself with them numerous times to face the threats to Urth. When the evil God of Death Necrosan made himself known Talon and the other Urth gods joined forces to stop his evil once and for all. However Necrosan had one more trick up his sleeve he had just tore open a rift in to the Earth dimension to escape the fight, the other Urth gods followed him as well. Necrosan had then been drawn into battle against Godzilla himself the battle waged on for hours Necrosan had pushed Godzilla to his limits until the other Urth gods joined in thus the god of death was repelled for good But he'd be back. Talon thinks of Slashfang as his brother and equal, and the other Urth gods now resides on New Monster Island.

-sharp teeth and claws
-intelligent having begun the use of tools
-Very fast can run circles around Zilla

Weakness: can be sometimes reckless

NEXT: The Appearance of God of Combat SLASHFANG
G Reborn SHREWSTER by KingShisa08
I used :iconkaijudude:'s design of the Shrewster as a referance

Weather Mutant

Height: 68 meters
Weight: 19,000 tons

Personality: A creature that acts on instinct

BIO: During an accident at a power plant, a normal shrew was mutated by a gigantic beast encased in a mighty tornado. With H.E.A.T chasing it after it almost killed them on the beach, the twister again confronted the team before Zilla arrived and chased it off. Thanks to N.I.G.E.L’s camera, the team was able to confirm that it was a creature before the creature bit the robot inside the tornado.

It then moved toward Manhattan where H.E.A.T managed to insert a device that would destroy the tornado, but wasn’t able to activate. Zilla was knocked out by the twister and Nick was sucked up. Inside the twister, Nick activated the device and the tornado was dissipated.

The Shrewster revealed itself and attacked, but was again confronted by Godzilla. The shrew was trapped inside a nearby concert stage by H.E.A.T and the metal support beams melted by Zilla. The Shrewster was then supposed to be taken to Monster Island, but instead would fall into the hands of Maximillian Spiel and be used as entertainment for the rich. Being forced to fight against the Giant Centipede Centipor, and probably others, the Shrewster was eventually freed and was taken to Monster Island. Shrewster was later transferred to New Monster Island

-By an unknown means, the Shrewster can encase himself in a huge tornado.
-The Shrewster can jump high and far through the air.

Weakness: Like the Normal Shrew he must consume three times its own weight

NEXT: The Appearance Of Mutant Mosquito SKEETERA


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United States
Current Residence: California
Favourite style of art: Vareus
Shell of choice: Gamera or Kamoebas
Skin of choice: Godzilla or Gomora
Favourite cartoon character: Zilla jr from GTS
Personal Quote: Gojira will Protect us all !
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