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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: California
Favourite style of art: Vareus
Shell of choice: Gamera or Kamoebas
Skin of choice: Godzilla or Gomora
Favourite cartoon character: Zilla jr from GTS
Personal Quote: Gojira will Protect us all !

Hello My fellow Deviants, forgive me if I have not been active in most of my artwork, due to the fact that I have recently gotten myself a new job and my Laptop had given out on me at the time so I had to take to best Buys Geek squad to get it fixed unfortunately a lot of my stuff had been deleted in the process so I have to start from scratch.

Plus Thank you for the 100K page views my friends!

Don't worry Godzilla Reborn is still getting back on track and the dead line for your Original Kaiju will be on Big G's Birthday.

Now for the contest I wish to try something different. First off when I choose your two kaiju this means each of the 11 contestants 2 kaiju will be selected to be in G Reborn. while the one kaiju will be in the sequel to Godzilla Reborn.

Now on to the future project I had planned. Now you guys already know of my King Spike story I'm still working re-writing chapters 3 and 4.



After watching a bunch of episodes of Attack on Titan and seeing some of the artwork on DA I had decided to do a little crossover but instead of having Godzilla in it (lets be honest here there are about dozens of fan fiction with Godzilla showing up and stomping the shit out of the Abnormal Titans and fighting with the Colossal) so I wanted to try something different and have Sanda and Gaira get some attention. I was also going to have Sanda interact with Sasha and have a brief fight with Eren and Annie in there Titan forms, and have Gaira fight off and possibly kill and eat a few of the Abnormal Titans and have Eren, Annie and the brothers Gargantua fight with the Armored and The Colossal Titan. cause lets be honest hear Godzilla is around 50 to 109 meters tall he would easly dominate the Titans were as Sanda is 30 meters and Gaira is 25 meters.



I know this one is weird, but after watching a ton of Phineas & Ferb episodes and watching a lot of Godzilla movies and read the IDW Godzilla comic from Kingdom of Monsters to Rulers of Earth. and I know people are going to say that this is a stupid Idea for a Crossover. Keep in mind Phineas & Ferb had a crossover with the Marvel & Star Wars Universe and the fact that this is a show that has a secret agent platypus fighting with an evil scientest, two kids that can put McGuyver in his place with inventing by doing time travel, traveling into another alternate dimension, and Godzilla himself has done some weird shit in his Movies (Godzilla vs. Hedorah, Godzilla vs Megalon, Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla etc). so I just though that I might have a Crossover with this.

Plus I've been thinking for a new title for this fanfiction.




I've already talked about making ths crossover happen.




This was a project that I planned about 3 years ago a King Kong series. It will be foucused on the 8th wonder along with his arch enemies that international Judas Dr. Huu and the Mega Dinosaur Gaw the queen of Death Runners. also Huu would be a decendant to the Shaman who worshipped Gaw, and is now trying to revive her. other monsters that will be allied to Gaw will be Ebirah, Mechanikong, Odako, Ookondoru, Orca, Moon Beast, and Many others. were as one of Kong's allies will be Gorosaurus.




This is a little tribute to the Tokusatsu shows like Ultraman, Zone Fighter and so forth. a Giant alien warrior named Satsu Toku arrives on earth. while fight a giant monster the scouts get caught in the crossfire and get supposedly killed and Satsu Toku gets mortally wonded by the monster and as an act of scarifice he then gives his life up to the scouts so they could become Toku Senshi (Giant Sailor Senshi Warriors for justice) in order to fight off the deadly enemies from space.


I started to take Commissions again but I decided to accept cash only

Here are the prices

Portraits/headshots of Character ($5.00) BW ($6.00) Colored

Full body picture of Character ($7.00) BW ($8.00) Colored

Two characters in the picture ($9.00) BW (10.00) Colored

3 or more ($11.00) BW ($12.00) Colored

If you wish to buy the pic from me there will be a ($3.00) charge

To ask me send me a note I'll accept Money order, Check, or Points


You guys probable haven't guessed that aside from drawing I work with clay as well, I personally like Hands on Artwork. So I've decided to do some Sculptures here and maybe if you guys behave yourselves I may grant some Commissions.
Here are the prices

If ask for a small sculpture (anything as small as a Gashapon figure): $4.00

Any sculpture bigger than a Gashipon but smaller than a Revoltech Anguirus: $9.00

Sculptures the same size as a Revoltech Anguirus: $10.00

Sculptures slightly bigger than a Revoltech Anguirus but smaller than S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla: $14.00

Sculptures the same size as S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla: $15.00

Sculptures slightly bigger than S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla; but smaller than S.H.

S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah: $20.00

Sculptures the same size as S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah: $25.00

But to show you that I'm fair I will post your commission in my Gallery for you to see so you could let me know if you like it or not. If you like it and wish for me to sell it to you that will be $2.00 extra

Also send me your Commissions via Note plus I will accept payments through Money order or Checks.



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