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Chapter 4


Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were hurrying down the crowed sidewalk. struggling under the weight of 8 film cans! Dash is glancing back over her shoulder.

RD: I want the cast and crew on the ship within the hour.

FLUTTERSHY: No Rainbow, you can’t do this!

RD: Tell ‘em the studio’s pressured us into an early departure.

FLUTTERSHY: It’s not ethical!

RD: What are they gonna do - sue me? They can get in line! I’m not going to let
them kill my film.

Fluttershy follows Dash, who steps off the curb ... and
flags a cab down. she cuts across the busy road, Fluttershy hurrying behind.

FLUTTERSHY: You realize none of the camera equipment is on board. We have no
permits ... no visas ...

RD: That’s why I have you, Fluttershy.

FLUTTERSHY: We have no insurance, no foreign currency - in fact, we have no currency of any kind.

Dash looks back across the street and notices the angry
Investors heading towards her.

RD: Get in there

Fluttershy suddenly finds herself bundled into the back of a cab. Suri one of the investors grabs at the partially open back window of the cab.

SURI: Get out of there!

Dash sees this and hurriedly Winds the Window shut. Suri yelps with pain, as she yanks her hoof away from the cab!


SURI: Your Finished Dash!

Fluttershy sprawled on the seat, amid a pile of film cans, as the cab speeds away!

RD: Don’t worry Fluttershy I’ve had a lot of practice at this: I’m real good at
crapping the crappers.

As Dash's cab cruises along the  Crowed streets of Manehatten she was making a list of things she needed to get.

RD: And two dozen of Mr. Trotter’s finest, Red label, 80% proof - packed in a
crate marked “cider”.

Fluttershy was writing down the everything on a note pad.

RD: Ok You got it ... and tell Mareen she doesn’t have six hours to put on her face. If she wants to be in this picture, she’s gotta be on that boat!

FLUTTERSHY: She doesn't want to be in this picture

Dash Looks at her blankly

FLUTTERSHY: Mareen pulled out.

RD: She pulled out?!

FLUTTERSHY: Yesterday. I told you.

RD (suspicious thought): You said we were shooting in Singapore, right? That’s what you told her?

FLUTTERSHY: But we’re not shooting in Singapore.

RD (exasperation): Dammit, Fluttershy! All you had to do is look her in the eye and lie.

Rainbow Dash turns away, his brain whirring ... thinking hard ...

RD: I gotta get to a phone ... talk to Harlow’s people.

FLUTTERSHY: She‘s unavailable.

RD: Mare Loy? Clota Bow? Hey West?

FLUTTERSHY: She has to be a size four; You gotta get a pony who’ll fit
Mareen’s costumes.

RD (sudden inspiration): Wait a minute Neigh Wray is a size four!

FLUTTERSHY: she is but unfortunantly she is doing a picture with RKO.

Dash looks down muttering to herself.

RD: Clopper Huh? I might have known.

the Cab comes to a complete halt in mid traffic Dash jumps out, leaving Fluttershy in protest ...

FLUTTERSHY: We gotta delay the shoot - shut production down ... We can’t sail tonight!

RD: Not an option.


RD: I said I’d find a mare.

Dash turns and looks at Fluttershy briefly.

RD: For Celestia's sake, Fluttershy think like a winner. Call Big Mac ... I need that damn screenplay! Defeat is always momentary

Dash then bangs the roof of the taxi with her hoof, and then strides off
confidently along the street.

A series of photos of semi naked ponies, with feather boas and peacock fans, gaudy banners proclaiming Miss filly Rose, Delaware Du Boise, Velvet Cushions. She hates places like this, full of girls who starve themselves, and give stallions the pleasure of gazing at them. and basically sell their bodies for the entertainment of perverts.

A couple of heavy set earth ponies, followed by a Smaller unicorn, arrive for work and enter the burlesque theatre Dash eyes the Bigger earth ponies, then chooses to follow the smaller one. Dash is reaching for the door handle to go inside, when she suddenly pauses, her eye caught by the refelection in the glass door.

Rarity was standing in the Middle of the sidewalk. She is unaware of Rainbow Dash watching her. Rarity stares grimly at the Burlesque Hoardings, the flyer clutched in her hoof, a small knot of anger forming in her stomach.

Dash then lets go of the door her eyes locked on Rarity through the sea of ponies. Rarity then crumples up the flyer and drops it in the gutter and walks away from the theater. Dash who was watching her leave then proceds to follow her.

Meanwhille at a nearby busy fruit stand a light brown male earth pony vendor was hurriedly handing out Apples and pocketing Bits. Rarity walks slowly by ... her eyes on the fruit. She
glances at the vendor, swipes an apple from the tray with her tail, and quickly
moves on, slipping the apple into her pocket. Unfortunatlly Rarity is suddenly grabbed! The angry vendor pulls her by the tail which causes the stolen apple to fall out of her pocket.

VENDOR(angry): You gonna pay for this?

Rarity tries to pull away. The Vendor’s grip on her tightens.

RD: Excuse me.

Rainbow Dash then shows up.

RD: Ma’am, I think you dropped this.

Dash is holding a bit in her hoof. The Vendor then snatches the Bit from Rainbow Dash's fingers.
Chapter 3

In a dark screen room a light cerulean pegsi pony with ceris colored eyes and a rainbow mane was sitting nervously in a smoky screening room three others a pink colored earth pony with a greyish violet mane, an azure unicorn with a pale cornflower blue mane and a female griffin with a gamboge coat and brilliant gold talons. in the screening room a film reel was showing black and white images of Tigers roaring and the blond maned pure white unicorn Blue blood in a pith helmet, stalking through undergrowth. he raises his rifle and fires! the Pegusi's eyes flick from one investor to the other trying to read the room.

GILDA: How much more is their?

Assisstant Pony: another five reels

GILDA: Lights up.

Light floods the room as the washed out image on screen is extinguishing. The cerulean pegsi
notices the pink colored earth pony with a greyish violet mane wake up with a start.

SURI: This is it? This is what we get for our forty grand, Dash? Another one
of your Safari pictures?

TRIXE: You promised us romantic scenes with Blue Blood and Mareen McKenzie.

RAINBOW DASH: Come on, guys you know the deal we agreed to push Mareen’s start date so she could get her teeth fixed.

TRIXE: It's not the principle or the thing it's the money.

GILDA: Rainbow Dash you’ve been in production for
over two months.

RAINBOW DASH: Trust me, Blue Blood and Mareen are gonna
steam up the screen - once we get them
on the ship.

Gilda, Trixe, and Suri all look up at Dash.

GILDA: What ship?

RAINBOW DASH: The one we’ve hired to get to the

Dash hurriedly pulls herself up - as Gilda turns on her.

GILDA: What location? Rainbow  you’re supposed
to be shooting on the back-lot.

RAINBOW DASH: Yes, I understand that - but fellas,
we’re not making that film anymore and I’ll tell you why.

Dash gets out of her seat and moves to the front of the room.

RAINBOW DASH: The story has changed, the script has
been rewritten.

Dash turns to face the room, whipping a Tattered Map out of her
pocket with her teeth

RAINBOW DASH: Life intervened! I’ve come into
possession of a map. The soul surviving record of an
unchartered island, a place that was thought to exist only in myth ...
until now!

GILDA: Whoa! Dash - slow down!

TRIXE: Is she askin’ for more money?

SURI: She’s asking us to fund a wild goose chase.

RAINBOW DASH: I’m talking about a primitive world never before seen by anypony! The ruins of an entire civilisation - the
most spectacular thing you’ve ever seen! (dramatic pause) That’s where I’ll shoot my picture!

in the room their was silence for a beat.

TRIXE: Will there be bare natives?

Dash is momentarily SPEECHLESS.

RAINBOW DASH: Excuse me, bare natives?

TRIXE: Native ponys nude, in the buff. In my experience ponies only go to
these films to observe the ... undraped form of the native mares.

Dash's blood had begun to boil after hering this.

RAINBOW DASH (pissed): What are you - an idiot? You think they asked De Mille to waste his time on nudie shots? No - they respected the film maker, they showed some class! Not that you’d know what that means - you cheap low-life!

Gilda shifts uncomfortably in her seat as Suri shoots her an angry look.

GILDA: Rainbow Would you step outside for a moment?

Dash looks at them ... the investors avoid eye contact. Dash the exits the room.

The Lobby

As Dash steps into the lobby, another pegusi one with a bright yellow coat and light pink mane was waiting for her it was fluttershy, her long suffering assistant who was waiting on a sofa.

RAINBOW DASH: Gimme that quick!

Dash points to the glass of water on the table next to Fluttershy.

FLUTTERSHY: you won't like it. It's non-alcoholic.

As Fluttershy hands her the  glass, Dash then dumps the contents of the glass into a potted plant.

RAINBOW DASH: Fluttershy, you have a lot to learn about
the motion picture business.

Dash quietly places the glass against the screening room door, and presses her ear against it.


back in the screening room Gilda looks to the investors

GILDA: Don’t write her off guys. She’s hotheaded sure, but Rainbow Dash’s made
some interesting pictures, she’s had a lot of ... near success.

SURI: She's a preening self promoter! an ambitious no-talent! The pony
has “loser” written all over her.

GILDA: Look, I understand your disappointment.

SURI: She’s washed up - It’s all over town!

Outside of the screenroom Rainbow Dash heard everything at first she was distraught but she got her composer and kept hearing what was said.


SURI: This jumped up little turd’s gonna bankrupt us.

GILDA: The animal footage has value?

TRIXE: Sure ... Universal are desperate for
stock footage.

SURI: Then sell it! Scrap the picture! We gotta retrieve something from this

Gilda then nods to the young earth pony assisstant

GILDA: Get her back in.

The Pony assisstant the walks outside to the lobby to get Dash in.

Assisstant: Dash?

no one was here Dash and Fluttershy had left.
G Reborn RANDY HERNDANDEZ by KingShisa08
H.E.A.T. Systems Specialist

Height: 5’10
Weight: 159.5 lbs

Personality: Is somewhat of a Smart ass at times but is very talented in the fields of electronics.

BIO: An intern working under Nick. Hugely talented in all fields of technology, his slacker image has reduced him to nothing more than an immature hacker. Other than Nick, Randy is the member who most accepts Zilla, and can be defensive at times. He was expelled from Empire State, but is inspired to attend college once again after saving Zilla from Cameron Winter. He has a crush on Monique, but is always shot down. Randy learned the Navajo language because it was the only code that wasn't broken during World War II. Many Years later Randy and the team would have had the chance to see the Real Godzilla as he along with M.O.U.G.E.R.A. fight off SpaceGodzilla, Obsidious, and Krystalak. Randy along with H.E.A.T. would later on join the EDF and aid Godzilla in his fight with Bagan while Zilla Jr formed his own H.E.A.T. Team. Over at the EDF Randy usually hang out with Cyborg helping him tinker with new inventions, and he usually pals around with Beast Boy, Otto, SPRX-77 and Mikey (much to the dismay of their respected team mates). Randy along with Otto are usually the ones who name most of the new kaiju (note he was the one who named Obsidious and Krystalak).

NEXT: The Appearance of the H.E.A.T. Roboticist MENDAL CRAVEN
G Reborn ELSIE CHAPMAN by KingShisa08
H.E.A.T. Paleo-Biologist

Height: 5’8
Weight: 150 lbs

Personality: Is quite snarky and sarcastic out of the time and is very cynical at times

BIO: one of the original people who helped in the death of the first Zilla, She often acts sarcastic to get a laugh from Nick. In addition, she has developed an attraction to Mendel. She specializes in the behavior of Zilla and the other mutations. During the Tachyons invasion on Earth, Elsie fell under their control and was instrumental in the recovery of their ship the "Leviathan". However Monique was able to wake her from their alien's control and she was able to use the knowledge to resist the invasion. Many Years later Elsie and the team would have had the chance to see the Real Godzilla as he along with M.O.U.G.E.R.A. fight off SpaceGodzilla, Obsidious, and Krystalak. Elsie along with H.E.A.T. would later on join the EDF and aid Godzilla in his fight with Bagan while Zilla Jr formed his own H.E.A.T. Team. Elsie would usually be seen working with Doc Saturday, Sailor Mercury, and Donatello.

NEXT: The Appearance of the H.E.A.T. Systems Specialist RANDY HERNANDEZ
G Reborn NICK TATOPOLOUS by KingShisa08
Leader of the H.E.A.T. Team

Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 lbs

Personality: Friendly man who puts all his knowledge in the service of humanity. He sees Godzilla, Zilla Jr and many of the other earth defenders as scientific discoveries rather than mindless monsters.

BIO: the leader of H.E.A.T. and the adopted father of Zilla Jr. He has a very good reputation for saving New York from the original Zilla. Now is the caretaker of the current monster. Nick very fiercely protects Zilla Jr. and the mutants’ right from both foreign and domestic governments. Many Years later Nick and his team would have had the chance to see the Real Godzilla as he along with M.O.U.G.E.R.A. fight off SpaceGodzilla, Obsidious, and Krystalak. Nick along with H.E.A.T. would later on join the EDF and aid Godzilla in his fight with Bagan while Zilla Jr formed his own H.E.A.T. Team.

NEXT: The Appearance of the H.E.A.T. Paleo-Biologist ELSIE CHAPMAN


KingShisa08's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: California
Favourite style of art: Vareus
Shell of choice: Gamera or Kamoebas
Skin of choice: Godzilla or Gomora
Favourite cartoon character: Zilla jr from GTS
Personal Quote: Gojira will Protect us all !

Hello My fellow Deviants, forgive me if I have not been active in most of my artwork, due to the fact that I have recently gotten myself a new job and my Laptop had given out on me at the time so I had to take to best Buys Geek squad to get it fixed unfortunately a lot of my stuff had been deleted in the process so I have to start from scratch.

Plus Thank you for the 100K page views my friends!

Don't worry Godzilla Reborn is still getting back on track and the dead line for your Original Kaiju will be on Big G's Birthday.

Now for the contest I wish to try something different. First off when I choose your two kaiju this means each of the 11 contestants 2 kaiju will be selected to be in G Reborn. while the one kaiju will be in the sequel to Godzilla Reborn.

Now on to the future project I had planned. Now you guys already know of my King Spike story I'm still working re-writing chapters 3 and 4.



After watching a bunch of episodes of Attack on Titan and seeing some of the artwork on DA I had decided to do a little crossover but instead of having Godzilla in it (lets be honest here there are about dozens of fan fiction with Godzilla showing up and stomping the shit out of the Abnormal Titans and fighting with the Colossal) so I wanted to try something different and have Sanda and Gaira get some attention. I was also going to have Sanda interact with Sasha and have a brief fight with Eren and Annie in there Titan forms, and have Gaira fight off and possibly kill and eat a few of the Abnormal Titans and have Eren, Annie and the brothers Gargantua fight with the Armored and The Colossal Titan. cause lets be honest hear Godzilla is around 50 to 109 meters tall he would easly dominate the Titans were as Sanda is 30 meters and Gaira is 25 meters.



I know this one is weird, but after watching a ton of Phineas & Ferb episodes and watching a lot of Godzilla movies and read the IDW Godzilla comic from Kingdom of Monsters to Rulers of Earth. and I know people are going to say that this is a stupid Idea for a Crossover. Keep in mind Phineas & Ferb had a crossover with the Marvel & Star Wars Universe and the fact that this is a show that has a secret agent platypus fighting with an evil scientest, two kids that can put McGuyver in his place with inventing by doing time travel, traveling into another alternate dimension, and Godzilla himself has done some weird shit in his Movies (Godzilla vs. Hedorah, Godzilla vs Megalon, Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla etc). so I just though that I might have a Crossover with this.

Plus I've been thinking for a new title for this fanfiction.




I've already talked about making ths crossover happen.




This was a project that I planned about 3 years ago a King Kong series. It will be foucused on the 8th wonder along with his arch enemies that international Judas Dr. Huu and the Mega Dinosaur Gaw the queen of Death Runners. also Huu would be a decendant to the Shaman who worshipped Gaw, and is now trying to revive her. other monsters that will be allied to Gaw will be Ebirah, Mechanikong, Odako, Ookondoru, Orca, Moon Beast, and Many others. were as one of Kong's allies will be Gorosaurus.




This is a little tribute to the Tokusatsu shows like Ultraman, Zone Fighter and so forth. a Giant alien warrior named Satsu Toku arrives on earth. while fight a giant monster the scouts get caught in the crossfire and get supposedly killed and Satsu Toku gets mortally wonded by the monster and as an act of scarifice he then gives his life up to the scouts so they could become Toku Senshi (Giant Sailor Senshi Warriors for justice) in order to fight off the deadly enemies from space.


I started to take Commissions again but I decided to accept cash only

Here are the prices

Portraits/headshots of Character ($5.00) BW ($6.00) Colored

Full body picture of Character ($7.00) BW ($8.00) Colored

Two characters in the picture ($9.00) BW (10.00) Colored

3 or more ($11.00) BW ($12.00) Colored

If you wish to buy the pic from me there will be a ($3.00) charge

To ask me send me a note I'll accept Money order, Check, or Points


You guys probable haven't guessed that aside from drawing I work with clay as well, I personally like Hands on Artwork. So I've decided to do some Sculptures here and maybe if you guys behave yourselves I may grant some Commissions.
Here are the prices

If ask for a small sculpture (anything as small as a Gashapon figure): $4.00

Any sculpture bigger than a Gashipon but smaller than a Revoltech Anguirus: $9.00

Sculptures the same size as a Revoltech Anguirus: $10.00

Sculptures slightly bigger than a Revoltech Anguirus but smaller than S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla: $14.00

Sculptures the same size as S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla: $15.00

Sculptures slightly bigger than S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla; but smaller than S.H.

S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah: $20.00

Sculptures the same size as S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah: $25.00

But to show you that I'm fair I will post your commission in my Gallery for you to see so you could let me know if you like it or not. If you like it and wish for me to sell it to you that will be $2.00 extra

Also send me your Commissions via Note plus I will accept payments through Money order or Checks.



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