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Chapter 10


It is late at night. Big Mac sits on his make shift bed, his typewriter balanced on his lap ... intent on what he is writing.

Outside the venture wheelhouse Rainbow Dash is scanning the horizon with binoculars, Twilight then comes out of the wheelhouse with some charts in her hooves.


Applejack is manning the wheel. Twilight is staring at the charts, a cigarette in her hoof in his hand. There is a palpable sense of tension in the air. Applejack then address Twilight.

AJ (tense): How long do you expect us to stay out

The Alicorn puts her cigarette out, ignoring AJ.


Rarity is pacing the cabin. She is wearing a SHAWL over pyjamas. She smiles as she turns pages of a loose leaf manuscript. Rarity looks up at Big Mac.

RARITY (surprised): You’re writing a stage comedy?

BIG MAC: Eeyup I’m writing it for you.

Rarity looks at him, taken aback.

RARITY: Why would you do that?

BIG MAC: Why would I write a play for you?


BIG MAC: Isn’t it obvious?

RARITY: Not to me.

BIG MAC: Well, it’s in the sub-text.

RARITY: I guess I must’ve missed it.

BIG MAC: It’s not about words ...

Rarity looks at him uncertainly ... as Big Mac moves towards her ...
He takes her in his arms and kisses her.


Back in the Wheelhouse the Radio Operator Pony was receiving a massage. The Radio Operator Pony hands a piece of paper to Twilight.

RADIO OPERATOR:Message for you, Captain.


Out in the open ocean the venture cuts a wide arc through the sea as the ship
slowly turns ...

Rainbow Dash then runs up the stairs to the wheelhouse.

RD (calling): What’s going on?

AJ manning the wheel, looks at Dashie briefly ...

RD: AJ! Why are we turning around?

Twilight enters the cabin ...

RD (blustering) : Twilight, you can’t just ...

TWILIGHT (curt): Outside!

Both ponies then walk outside on the deck

TWILIGHT: There’s a warrant out for your arrest.Did you know that? I’ve been ordered to divert to Rangoon.

RD: Another week - I haven’t got a film yet. Please - I have risked everything
I have on this!

TWILIGHT: No, Dash - you risked everything I have.

RD: What do you want? Tell me what you want? I’ll give you anything.

Twilight then regards Dash with cool detachment ...

TWILIGHT: I want you off my ship.

Twilight then heads back to the door of the wheelhouse.

TWILIGHT: Set a course for Rangoon, Applejack.

Out on the ocean the Venture ploughs through the swell. Dash is leaning over the railing. Big Mac then comes over.

RD: I’m finished. It’s over for me, Big Mac.

BIG MAC: How did you think this would end,

Back in the wheelhouse Applejack at the wheel,is looking down at the ship's compass as it was swinging wildly to and fro.

AJ (calling): Captain ...

Twilight looks at the compass with concern. She takes the wheel from AJ.

TWILIGHT: Check our position. Use the stars.

Applejack steps outside the wheelhouse, carrying a sextant. She then looks up at the sky and her face hardens with concern.

Twilight looks across as AJ appears at the Wheelhouse door.

AJ: There are no stars, Captain.

Over on the venture deck Big Mac is looking at the map, while Rainbow Dash leaning on the railing staring absently out to sea. Behind her Big Mac is still looking at the map in his hooves. he then sees something that caught his eye.

BIG MAC: What is that?

RD (distracted) : What?

Big Mac shifts the map around, turning it upside down.

BIG MAC: That.

The Red Stallion walks over to the railing and hands the map to Dash.

RD: I don’t know ... what is it, a coffee

She looks hard at the map, suddenly a look of intrigue dawning on her face.Dash then sees a strange smuge-like marking and is captivated. She slowly looks up from the map, a look of hope kindles in her eyes. The strange smuge had resembled some form of reptile. Just then the sudden blast of the ship's fog horn. Dash’s eyes shift upwards at that moment a gust of wind plucks the map from her hooves and blows it overboard whirling it out to sea. The map then floating on the inky water  as the Venture steams away into a huge bank of fog that seems to melt out of the Darkness.

Another blast from the fog horn echoes across the silent ocean.


On the Deck of the Venture Fluttershy moves along Staring uneasily at the fog.
Even the seasoned crew look unnerved.

In the crows Nest Applebloom was reading Heart of Darkness by torchlight while the Venture sails into the thickening fog.

In the wheelhouse Twilight was now at the wheel she then barks at the helmspony.

TWILIGHT: Station the for’head lookout, and get me the depth by lead-line!

HELMSPONY: Aye, Captain.

The helmspony hurries away. The Venture steams through the fog bank. Crewpony throws a lead-line over the side. A bunch of concerned Crewponies hurry to their stations.

CREWPONY (calling): Thirty fathoms ... no bottom!

AJ is tense. Twilight remains focussed, his eyes fixed ahead.

TWILIGHT: Reduce speed, steerage way only.

AJ swings the Telegraph levers.

AJ: Dead slow ahead, both. You should stop the ship.

Twilight spins the wheel.

TWILIGHT: 15 degrees Port. We’re getting out of here, AJ we’ll find clear conditions.

CREWPONY (calling) We have seabed!

AJ rushes out of the wheelhouse. the Crewpony with the lead-line shouts up at AJ.

CREWPONY (alarmed): Twenty-five fathoms!

AJ rushes to the wheelhouse door.

AJ: We’re shallowing!

Twilight looks with despair at the thickening fog ahead. she
starts spinning the wheel.

TWILIGHT: 20 degrees starboard!

AJ (urgent): Captain, you don’t know where the buck
you’re going!

Twilight glares at AJ.

TWILIGHT: Get me another reading!

AJ leaves ...

AJ (yelling): Another reading!

Big Mac looks alarmed as crewponies hurry past. Dash walks away from him, towards the front of the ship.

CREWPONY: Twenty-two fathoms!

Twilight peers uneasily out at the fog.

TWILIGHT: Douse the lights!

HELMSPONY: Aye, aye Captain.

CREWPONY (calling): Ten fathoms!

In the crows nest Applebloom is looking around confused. Just then her eyes suddenly widen in disbelief she leaps to her hooves, unable to summon the power of speech!
CatDogs Dilemma by KingShisa08
CatDogs Dilemma
This is a request made by :icontigerbreath13: he wanted a picture with CatDog and a flying rat (Terapusmordax)

CatDog is on Skull Island. Dog is enjoying the bones of some long dead Dinosaur while Cat is unfortunate to be confronted by one of the islands inhabitants a Terapusmordax or flying Rat sets his sites on Cat who is sweating bullets.
G Reborn ABORAS by KingShisa08
Blue Foaming Monster

Height: 98 meters
Weight: 45,000 tons

Personality: Not that different of a big predator that is very territorial

BIO: A strange blue capsule is found at a construction site and the Science Patrol is called in. When they opened the capsule they discovered a strange blue liquid. They then take the capsule and liquid back to headquarters. Everything scientists used to try and remove the liquid failed but when they tried electricity, the monsters broke free and attacked. It is discovered that Banila and Aboras are ancient creatures that were liquefied and placed in the ground. Aboras continued his march toward Banila and the two finally met at a stadium. The fight had begun and the two smashed into the stadium. Aboras over powered Banila and soon sprayed him with his foam. Banila fought back with his fire but that proved too weak. Soon, the Science Patrol intervened and attacked Banila and blinded him. Aboras then melted Banila with his foam and Hayata transformed into Ultraman. Aboras tried to use his foam, but it failed to faze him. Ultraman's warning light began to flash and Aboras charged in. At long last, Ultraman managed to use the specium ray, it took three shots, but Aboras would eventually vanquish and killed. Aboras along with Banila would be revived to fight along side Bagan.

- Aboras can emit a strange liquid from his mouth that can melt flesh in seconds. However, its effects on metal are rather weak.
- can burrow at low speeds
- has thick skin that allows him to survive attacks like Ultraman’s Specium Ray.
- Hates Banila with a passion

.Weakness: A sound of 23,000 hertz will severely weaken Aboras

NEXT: The Appearance of Red Flame Monster BANILA


KingShisa08's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: California
Favourite style of art: Vareus
Shell of choice: Gamera or Kamoebas
Skin of choice: Godzilla or Gomora
Favourite cartoon character: Zilla jr from GTS
Personal Quote: Gojira will Protect us all !
Hey guys sorry if I hadn't been posting any new artwork lately. The job that I was working at is closing down meaning I'll be out of a job for the most part. So my pics will not be coming out as often.

Also I'll be back to trying to have Commissions open again.

Here are the prices 

Portraits/Headshots of Character  ($5.00) B&W  ($6.00) colored ($7.00) more than one characters

Waist ups of character  ($6.00) B&W    ($7.00) colored  ($8.00) more than one characters 

Full body picture of character ($7.00) B&W  ($8.00) colored ($9.00) 

Two characters in  the picture  ($9.00) B&W  ($10.00) colored 

3 or more ($11.00) B&W  ($12.00) colored 

With backgrounds ($5.00) B&W  ($8.00) colored extra

To ask send me a note labeled "commissions pictures" 

Sculpture commissions

Small sculpture  (size of a  gashapon figure) $4.00

Bigger than Gashapon but smaller than revoltech Anguirus  $9.00

Same size as Revoltech Anguirus  $10.00

Bigger than Revoltech Anguirus but smaller than S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla $14.00

Same size as S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla $15.00

Sculpture bigger than  S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla but smaller than S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah


Same size as S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah  $25.00

And if you wish to keep the figure it will be an extra  $5.00

If interested send me a note labeled "Commission sculpture" and will do business 

I'll take either checks or money order


1. Choose to be anonymous 

2. :icongiganticluv:












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