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G Reborn MECHAGODZILLA by KingShisa08
Magnificent Machine

(Before Destruction)
Height: 60 meters
Weight: 35,000 tons

(After Destruction)
Height: 7ft
Weight: 80 tons

(Duplicon 1)
Height: 50 meters
Weight: 30,000 tons

(Duplicon 2)
Height: 69 meters
Weight: 40,000 tons
Healing Facter/Self repare: High

Personality: Being a Robot he shows no emotion after the fight with Bagan His old body was damaged but he was rebuilt at a smaller size and was given a kind personality by Professor Utonium When Godzilla became the new Leader of the GDF MG1 was one of the Mechanics Of the GDF

(Duplicon 1): Extremely Violent His one purposes to kill the Original MechaGodzilla

(Duplicon 2): Shown to be a Defender of earth

BIO: Rising from a hurled volcanic rock, Godzilla, it seemed, had once again returned to his malevolent ways. Waging a campaign of destruction against humanity, this fake Godzilla leveled anything that stood in its path. Not even Anguirus could stop its power. The quadruped reptile, though, being able to see through the hidden MechaGodzilla's disguise was powerless to halt its wrath. Receiving a grisly broken jaw, the kaiju was forced to flee, leaving the fake Godzilla to once again push deeper into Japan's mainland.
By nightfall the machine had arrived at a refinery. Using its golden hued flamethrower breath, the demon set the area aflame. Unfortunately for it, though, the real Godzilla had sensed its presence and came forth to battle. Fighting with fierce determination, the real Godzilla tore and blasted away chunks of the doppelganger's rubber skin. He was perplexed by the unusual affect his attacks had against the foe, but his questions were soon to be answered. The Black Hole aliens, which had constructed this hellish instrument of terror, burned away the guise and revealed to Godzilla and the world the true Mechagodzilla. With gleaming ember eyes and radiant armored skin, Mechagodzilla wasted absolutely no time in proving its power. Following its commands, the titan immediately unleashed waves of finger rockets and laser eye beams. Godzilla was tossed for a loop and thrown to the ground like a child's toy. Never had the giant ever been assaulted with such force. Yet silent rage burned in his being, and the reptile stood again to fight. Answering Godzilla's sea blue nuclear breath, the machine unleashed its eye beams. Both godly forces struck, pushing back and forth; however, only one outcome was possible. The cosmic forces exploded with ear shattering force, knocking both competitors to the earth. Godzilla fell into the bay, leaving only a churning swirl of blood to mark its presence, while MechaGodzilla suffered major damage to its head control unit, forcing the aliens to recall and repair their war machine.
Recalling it back to their Okinawa base, repairs on the robot became time consuming. So, to hasten the problems, they forced a human scientist named Hideto Miyajima, whom who had some knowledge of the alien technology, to fix it. A few days passed before they launched their weapon once again. This time, though, humanity was prepared. Awaking the legendary protector god, King Caesar, the prophecy, carved in the Azumi Royal Family's cave that told of an epic war, was becoming a reality. The two monsters fought heatedly, but not even the giant golem like kaiju could overcome the metal warrior. Giving ground, it looked as if the god like creature was to be defeated, that is until Godzilla broke through the bay's surface. Marching inland, Godzilla seethed with a madding fury. Turning the conflict now to a two on one, it wasn't long before the monsters were able to overcome the omnipotent strength of the machine. MechaGodzilla exploded into countless pieces of shrapnel after Godzilla had torn off its head, ending the alien's plans for the time being. Lead alien commander Mugal easily saw the reasons for why his race failed the year before to conquer Earth. The machine needed to be modified not only in weapons, but in how it worked. Hand controllers from several different operators were too slow to function effectively in hand to hand combat. Learning of the famed scientists, Doctor Mufuni's invention to control animal's brain cells, he sought an alliance. Only after did Mugal's men save the scientist's daughter, Katsura, did the ape like alien push forward with his plan. Placing the control device within the beautiful young girl, he gave the machine the ability to have the reaction time that of a real animal. Thereby eliminating it's one and only true weakness.
Along with the biped dinosaur Titanosaurs, Mechagodzilla was sent to obliterate Tokyo. Countless buildings crumbled, and humanity ran terrified, as the duo giants wade deeper and deeper into the city. All hope was nearly extinguished before Godzilla suddenly appeared. Fighting with all its heart, not even Godzilla had the strength to overcome two adversaries. It wasn't until mankind stepped in, with their secret weapon, did the odds become even. Using their supersonic wave oscillator, the humans kept Titanosaurs writhing in agony, thereby leaving Godzilla the opportunity to face his demonic twin alone. Rushing forward, the nuclear giant ripped the machine's head off as he did before. Unfortunately, this proved to be an almost fatal mistake. Housed in the bionic brain that was revealed beneath, was a horribly powerful laser beam weapon. So strong was this upgraded mechanism, that one blast was more than enough to topple Godzilla. It wasn't until Katsura gave way to the feelings of love and compassion did war they see an end. Killing herself in self-sacrifice, Mechagodzilla no longer had a controller to order it around. Godzilla wasted no time for the machine to completely power down and hurled the machine several miles with a powerful shoulder toss. Then Godzilla unleashed a final blast of his nuclear beam that resulted in the machines detonation. Exploding into a million pieces, Godzilla won against the aliens for a second and final time. Time had passed and the unthinkable has happened King Ghidorah Returns! Along with Gigan, Hedorah, Megalon, Space Godzilla, Destroyah, Orga, Megaguirus, MG1, Monster X, Obsidious, and Krystalak two fight with Godzilla one last time However luck would have to be on Godzilla’s side as Godzilla Had allies of his own. Anguirus, Mothra, Rodan, Baragon, Manda, Varan, Barugaron, Shiigan, Vagnosaurus, Balkzardan, Jyarumu, and Gamera were waiting and ready to fight. After the battle King Ghidorah and His allies were defeated and were transported to Monster Island. Ghidorah and the others have gotten use to their new home Years went by. When Bagan had awoken and stole some of King Ghidorah’s Blood, Godzilla and several other Kaiju had gone to Fight with him. After the fight The GDF Take the Monsters back to their Base for them to recuperate after the fight. Years went by and Bagan had awoken from his icy tomb King Kong along with Godzilla and several other Kaiju had gone to Fight with him. After the fight The GDF Take the Monsters back to their Base for them to recuperate after the fight. MG1 was destroyed during the fight and was later salvaged by the GDF and rebuilt by Professor Utonium and I.M. Weasel. After all that has happened Godzilla been made the new head of the GDF and MG1 was one of the Mechanics of the GDF.

(Duplicon 1): Dr. Uzuma A scientist in Genetic Cloning heard about the news but wants to control his own Monsters so he decided he was going to steal DNA from Godzilla and his monster Collages so he can clone them. He sends out his Warrior Droids to do the Job. The droids come back with vast amounts of Godzilla DNA with interest, Now Dr. Uzuma with his young apprentice Mandark He began to Clone his own monster army. However there was a catch when the clones hatched they were only 4 to 5 feet but were extremely aggressive its one purpose is to kill the original Kong, and in order for them to grow they would have to they would have to feed! There were reports of dead cattle, humans, and animals all over. That is until Godzilla himself meet his now 49 meter clone! The Clones relentlessly gave chase to their predecessors; until Godzilla and his allies tricked there clones into thinking they were dead. This gave them the opportunity to think of a plan on how to destroy them. But unknown to everyone the Clones were only prototypes and they were this gave them the opportunity to think of a plan on how to destroy them. But unknown to everyone the Clones were only prototypes and they were going to die in three days! But that was only the good news the bad news is that before they die were going to reproduce first so that the offspring would finish the job. Godzilla and the others planed on taking Each Clones Orb shaped Egg, BIG MISTAKE! The Clones gave chase after the predecessors with vengeance and to make matters worse a giant Serpent Named Mozudon rises from the sea and tries to eat the Eggs. The dying clones try to fight him off but to little avail Mozudon kills The Clones and the Duplicons then retreats back into the sea. The eggs are still in one piece. In his dying act Duplicon MG1 pushes his egg toward the Original MG1 wanting him to take care of his young for him.

(Duplicon 2): After the death of the First clones and Duplicons Goji and the rest of the kaiju take the eggs back to G Force HQ. The Egg had hatched but thanks to Mothra’s Shobijin singing to them they were able to calm them down. Surprisingly the newly hatched kaiju had imprinted on their predecessors. However Thanks to the Stupidity of Megalon and Otto for leaving the cells full of Soma (from Kong’s Garden) and the cases of Professor Utonium’s Chemical X the Clones Devouring the vast amounts of X and Soma which not only gave them new abilities but Also caused them to grow much larger. If things were not bad enough Mozudon reappears and Attacks Tokyo! The Clones and Duplicons Engage the Serpent like Kaiju and successfully kill him. This New Mechagodzilla was not fear by man but was now mankind’s Guardian.

- Able to shoot rainbow colored beams from its eyes
- can generate a force field by rotating its head at a tremendous speed
- Able to fire an electric current from its chest
- equipped with rockets on its feet for flight at mach 5
- can launch missiles from fingers, feet, throat, knees and toes
- Able to fire a concentrated beam when head is removed

(Duplicon 1):
- Being a Prototype he was only able to breathe radiation-charged fire
- has a one track mind

(Duplicon 2):
- Able to shoot rainbow colored beams from its eyes
- can generate a force field by rotating its head at a tremendous speed
- Able to fire an electric current from its chest
- equipped with rockets on its feet for flight at mach 5
- can launch missiles from fingers, feet, throat, knees and toes
- Able to fire a concentrated beam when head is removed
- can rotate his hands so they act as Drills into the opponent
- Fingers can be flexible when not firing his misslies
- If Head is removed he can reattach it
- Powerful Heat cannon from his mouth almost as strong as Godzilla’s own heat ray
- If angered or under stress MG1 will grow twice his size and become Ex MG

Weakness: Space Titanium armor only vulnerable to Godzilla's atomic breath
Though Godzilla never turned on him before

NEXT: The Appearance of Azumi Guardian KING CEASAR
G Reborn NARA by KingShisa08
G Reborn NARA

I know I didn't take age in account of making this character. but I was trying to make her look like she is age 6 or 7

Daikaiju princess

Height: 30 meters
Weight: 90 tons

Godzilla (Clone 2): Father
San: Mother
Minilla: Brother
JR: Brother

Other Relatives:

(Mother’s side):
Moro: Grandmother (Deceased)
Kanjo: Uncle
Panja: Uncle

(Father’s side):
MechaGodzilla I (Duplicom 2): Uncle
Super MechaGodzilla (Duplicom 2): Uncle
Kiryu (Duplicom 2): Uncle
SpaceGodzilla (Clone 2): Uncle
Biollante (Clone 2): Aunt

(By Marriage)
Sailor Mars (Clone 2): Aunt
Sailor Uranus (Clone 2): Aunt
Sailor Neptune (Clone 2): Aunt

Neos Rei
Neos Amara
Neos Michelle

San: Looks exactly like her mother
Godzilla: has her father’s eyes claws, teeth, & tail

Personality: extremely perceptive and cunning warrior with a temper reminiscent of both of her parents. Has a natural curiosity and thirst for adventure.

BIO: Godzilla and his new mate San (Mononoke Hime) had been around together on Monster Island. Many people protest and are disgusted by the fact that Godzilla who is a mutant and San who is human like Deity are together. But many of the other inhabitance was very supportive of their love; and the fact that they have a daughter. NARA was the most talked about scientific discovery in history do to the fact that her father a mutation born of Nuclear energy and her Mother is a mystical deity of Natural elements. Nara was an extremely perceptive and cunning warrior but is very gentle and quite curious around the small mammals that work around the Island. Most people thought that since Godzilla was her father she would be born a freak offspring, they couldn’t have been more wrong she was very beautiful resembling her mother in every way with some traces of her father of course. Her brothers Minilla and junior are also very protective of their little sister notably this had gotten the attention of Cameron Winter, Queen Beryl, Ultraman Belial, and Dr. Uzuma. The prompts the evil Alliance to try and capture her for her DNA; even risking evoking her mother and father's wrath. Nara lives on Monster Island for the rest of her days.

Abilities’ /Aspects:
- Super strong
- Possesses the same regenerative power as Godzilla
- Sharp Claws can tear through rock and steel
- Sharp teeth
- Like her mother she can fight in a Feral like manner
- Can expel blue fire from her mouth
- Whip like tail is prehensile

Weakness: unknown

NEXT: The Appearance of Giant Bear Demon AKAKABUTO

Commission for ilovefallingcows by KingShisa08
Commission for ilovefallingcows
This is a Paid Commission for :iconilovefallingcows25:

he wanted Cutie Chaser kaiju size. I just had her doing Ultraman's trademark pose

sorry if the Buildings don't look so good

Here is some info on Commissions:…


KingShisa08's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: California
Favourite style of art: Vareus
Shell of choice: Gamera or Kamoebas
Skin of choice: Godzilla or Gomora
Favourite cartoon character: Zilla jr from GTS
Personal Quote: Gojira will Protect us all !
I started to take Commissions again but I decided to accept cash only

Here are the prices

Portraits/headshots of Character ($5.00) BW ($6.00) Colored

Full body picture of Character ($7.00) BW ($8.00) Colored

Two characters in the picture ($9.00) BW (10.00) Colored

3 or more ($11.00) BW ($12.00) Colored

If you wish to buy the pic from me there will be a ($3.00) charge

To ask me send me a note I'll accept Money orders, or Checks


You guys probable haven't guessed that aside from drawing I work with clay as well, I personally like Hands on Artwork. So I've decided to do some Sculptures here and maybe if you guys behave yourselves I may grant some Commissions.
Here are the prices

If ask for a small sculpture (anything as small as a Gashapon figure): $4.00

Any sculpture bigger than a Gashipon but smaller than a Revoltech Anguirus: $9.00

Sculptures the same size as a Revoltech Anguirus: $10.00

Sculptures slightly bigger than a Revoltech Anguirus but smaller than S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla: $14.00

Sculptures the same size as S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla: $15.00

Sculptures slightly bigger than S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla; but smaller than S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah: $20.00

Sculptures the same size as S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah: $25.00

Also send me your Commissions via Note plus I will accept payments through Money order or Checks.

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