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Primal Emperor Series DIRE WOLF by KingShisa08
Primal Emperor Series DIRE WOLF


Height (at the sholder) : 25 meters

length: 45 meters

Weight: 21,000 tons


Powers and Abilities

- Large Canines

- Can run at 180 mph

- Sharp claws

- While formidable one on one they are strong as a pack


Bio: The Dire Wolves next to the Venatosaurus and V Rexes these beast were one of the most feared as well as respected hunters of Skull Island. they were also one of the many creatures who would hunt only to sustane themselves. but one day all of this would change when the leader of the Dire Wolves was brutally killed by a giant black Smilodon known as Panthros and now he rules the Dire Wolves through intemidation and/or brutaly beating them within an inch of their lives.


The Dire Wolves along with Panthros then go on to attack a heard of large Paraceratherium lead by Paracor and even killing his mate in the process. With the help of Kong, Gorosaurus, and Therimon the Dire Wolves along with Panthros were all defeated but not permenatly.




Next: Panthros

Primal Emperor Series PARACOR by KingShisa08
Primal Emperor Series PARACOR

Height (at the sholder) : 40 meters

Neck length: 30 meters

Weight: 49,000 tons


Powers and Abilities

- Neck muscles are the strongest in the world even more so than any sauropod

- Physocally strong can almost rival Kong in strength

- Hard skull and thick snout capable of knocking around even a V Rex



Bio: Paracor was once part of a heard of large Paraceratherium that roamed Skull Island for quite some time. Over the years Paracor was a father and husband to a female Paraceratherium and 2 offspring among his heard all of which he loved dearly and was willing to take on any visioucs predator bold enough to try and harm his family even being able to fend of the fearsom Vastatosaurus Rex.

One day, however, a group of Giant Dire Wolves on the hunt under rule of the giant Smilodon Panthros found Paracor and his Heard, and Paracor did his best to staved them off. While most of his heard were scatered Paracor had watched in horror as the Dire Wolves had killed his Mate right in front of him and his children, all he could do was call out in dismay.

Kong and Gorosaurus had then offered their help to Paracor get his heard back at that time they had come across another prihistoric beast a giant Megatherium named Therimon (who was an old friend of Paracor and his family) who was stuck in a tar pit was helped by the 4 beasts. Therimon was then informed about what happend to Paracor's wife and heard and was more than happy to join.


Next: Dire Wolf

Primal Emperor Series BLACK CLAW by KingShisa08
Primal Emperor Series BLACK CLAW

Height: 70 meters

Length: 100 meters

Weight: 48,000 tons


Powers and Abilities

- Bite force of 190,000 psi

- Top speed of 180 to 190 mph

- Extremely durable

- Armored back

- Flexible legs that can grab and kick

- Keen eyesight

- Very Intelligent almost primate level

- Flexible claws on his hands



Bio: Black Claw's history with his brethren is tied in an uncomfortable way. one of 2 powerful intelligent Theropods (the 2nd being Gorosaurus) that ruled over the V Rexes with an Iron claw while he does answer to Gaw he usually thrived for more power. While Gorosaurus hunts to survive and sustain himself and the other V Rexes Black Claw is the physical embodiment of Avarice either killing for sport and lesser or to hoard food for himself which leads him to but heads with Gorosaurus.


Black Claw Believing heavily in survival of the fittest, he feels no pity for members of his pack as shown as he brutally beats Gorosaurus in a fight in a test of strength embarrassing the blue Theropod. Kong has a particular hatred for Black Claw for his ruthless nature and the feeling is mutual for the black skinned saurian.


Next: Paracor

Primal Emperor Series GOROSAURUS by KingShisa08
Primal Emperor Series GOROSAURUS


Height: 67 meters

Weight: 45,000 tons


Powers and Abilities

- Powerful Jaws Bite force of 200,000 psi

- Can run very fast top speed of 170 to 190 mph

- Headbutt that is strong enough to send a freight train flying 200 yards in a head-on collision

- Extremely durable

- Very Intelligent almost primate level

- felxable claws on his hands

- Able to use powerful muscles and special bone segments in tail to balance for "Kangaroo Kick."

- Sharp spike at end of tail





Bio: The Vatatosaurus Rex one of the most fearsome creatures of Skull Island (3rd only to 2 others) and the most loyal of Gaw's followers. Just as Gaw's egg was removed from the temple The V Rexes were one of the many creatures that had reawoken. But even the Ravage Lizard King had something or someone to fear. aside from Gaw their queen were 2 unique Theropods that rule over them. Gorosaurus along with his rival Black Claw were the examples of perfect hunters, though both of these creatures have their own ways and methods while Black Claw wishes to hunt and kill for sport and for his own selfish gains Gorosaurus hunts to survive and sustain himself which leads the 2 butting heads with one another.

it wouldn't have been long until Gorosaurus would've meet Kong himself and challenged the giant ape to battle numerous times each time losing to Kong, leading to the V Rex and Black Claw turning on him believing that he was weak. Gorosaurus had challenged Kong several times with each result ending the same however unlike with the V Rexes Kong didn't kill Gorosaurus, but instead decided to spare his life out of respect, only to receive Gorosaurus as well after helping each other fight Black Claw and his V Rexes. After earning Kong's respect, The Primal Emperor allowed Gorosaurus to live on even as one of his friends. Gorosaurus is considered a veteran, showing a combative side, and even offering to go into friendly sparring matches with Kong. 

Next: Vastatosaurus Rex

Ok let clarify something's

1. Other than Gorosaurus, Mechanikong, Ebirah, Oodako, Ookondoru, Dai-Umihebi aka The Giant Sea Snake. I'm not repeat I will not add any more Toho kaiju in this series!

2. Godzilla will not be appearing so don't bother asking. much like why Goji73 (aka :iconbigjohnnycool: ) would not add Ultraman to his "Godzilla And His Amazing Friends" Series which is kicks all kinds of ass BTW is because that Ultraman would steal the spotlight from Godzilla in his own show Godzilla appearing would steal spotlight from King Kong's series.

3. Yes I'm fully a were Kong and Gorosaurus will be allies here even though they fought before I wanted them to have a friendship almost similar to Godzilla and Anguirus who I would like to point out had fought at least twice before (Godzilla Raids Again and Final Wars) and are still regarded as friends.

with that said enjoy

Primal Emperor Series V REX by KingShisa08
Primal Emperor Series V REX



Height: 65 meters

Length: 100 meters

Weight: 38,000 tons


Powers and Abilities

- Bite force of 150,000 psi

- Top speed of 150 to 180 mph

- Extremely durable

- Armored back

- Flexible legs that can grab and kick

- Keen eyesight



Bio: What could have been hypothesized to be what the Tyrannosaurus rex could have become if it were allowed to evolve unabated after the past 65 million years, The Vastatosaurus Rex is a force to be reckon with bigger stronger and deadlier than its Cretaceous cousins. One of the many followers of Gaw these V Rexes were once lead by Gorosaurus but had turned on him in favor for Black Claw who convinced them that he along with Gaw would provide more prey to hunt (while Gorosaurus would have them hunt to survive and sustain themselves).

The V Rexes would be used as soldiers for Black Claw to attack Kong and his Allies.


Next: Black Claw



KingShisa08's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: California
Favourite style of art: Vareus
Shell of choice: Gamera or Kamoebas
Skin of choice: Godzilla or Gomora
Favourite cartoon character: Zilla jr from GTS
Personal Quote: Gojira will Protect us all !
Hello everyone I hope everybody is getting ready for the Holidays and 2016. 

This is just an announcement that have concerning my "Godzilla Reborn" series. I had decided to have G Reborn put on hiatis. given the fact that their are so many series that I have crossing over with the Godzilla series with many more to come in the near future (Steven Universe, MLP, just to name a few). but since alot of the series I wanted to add isn't even finished yet (ie MLP has a movie and a 6th season coming and Steven Universe is not done yet). Plus I had a couple of Projects I wanted to do outside of G Reborn. One I will Get into later on.


The second Project that I had on the backburner planned is called.


This is a little tribute to the Tokusatsu shows like Ultraman, Zone Fighter and so forth. a Giant alien warrior named Satsu Toku (a play on the name Tokusatsu) arrives on earth. while fight a giant monster the scouts get caught in the crossfire and get supposedly killed in the battle and Satsu Toku gets mortally wonded by the monster and as an act of scarifice he then gives his life up to the scouts so they could become Toku Senshi (Giant Sailor Senshi Warriors for justice) in order to fight off the deadly enemies from space.



I started to take Commissions again but I decided to accept cash only

Here are the prices

Portraits/headshots of Character ($5.00) BW ($6.00) Colored

Full body picture of Character ($7.00) BW ($8.00) Colored

Two characters in the picture ($9.00) BW (10.00) Colored

3 or more ($11.00) BW ($12.00) Colored

If you wish to buy the pic from me there will be a ($3.00) charge

To ask me send me a note I'll accept Money order, Check, or Points


You guys probable haven't guessed that aside from drawing I work with clay as well, I personally like Hands on Artwork. So I've decided to do some Sculptures here and maybe if you guys behave yourselves I may grant some Commissions.
Here are the prices

If ask for a small sculpture (anything as small as a Gashapon figure): $4.00

Any sculpture bigger than a Gashipon but smaller than a Revoltech Anguirus: $9.00

Sculptures the same size as a Revoltech Anguirus: $10.00

Sculptures slightly bigger than a Revoltech Anguirus but smaller than S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla: $14.00

Sculptures the same size as S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla: $15.00

Sculptures slightly bigger than S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla; but smaller than S.H.

S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah: $20.00

Sculptures the same size as S.H. Monsterarts King Ghidorah: $25.00

But to show you that I'm fair I will post your commission in my Gallery for you to see so you could let me know if you like it or not. If you like it and wish for me to sell it to you that will be $2.00 extra

Also send me your Commissions via Note plus I will accept payments through Money order or Checks.

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